Cosmetic expectations and concerns of the patients about rhinoplasty must be fully discussed with an experienced plastic surgeon before undergoing the surgery. Starting from correcting nasal obstacles, fractures to restoring the pre-injury appearance of the nose. This facial cosmetic procedure is an out-patient surgery, but requires anesthesia. Bruising and swelling are the two main side effects, which are faced right after the surgery. Here are 10 facts regarding Rhinoplasty, which you have thought about, but did not know for sure.

1. It is capable of correcting real issues and not just essentially enhancing the existing appearance. Issue like large turbines and deviated septum or portion of the nose to help you breathe better can be corrected with this procedure. Men and women seek correct the aesthetic procedures across various age groups and this procedure have offered them with stable outputs, helping to reduce the suffering in cases of an injury, trauma and breathing difficulty even.

2. The demand of Rhinoplasty is growing consistently, so much so that in 2015 there were over 145,000 nose surgeries were performed.

3. The total timing of the surgery goes upto 2 hours more or less and recovery time is moderate to mild. The patients are required to wear a small cast for nearly 5 days and also at the time of anesthesia.

4. The technique for rhinoplasty varied from men to women. You may think that how far it may differ when it comes to rhinoplasty, but it does. It is nothing less than an art, the slope and angle of a nose depends from person to person.

5. It is recommended to sleep with 2 pillows for reducing the nighttime swelling as this is one of the most effective ways to help you recover within a very short span of time.

6. It does not lead to changing your voice if you went to the right surgeon, although some doctors may say that the voice has changed due to the Rhinoplasty surgery, but it is NOT TRUE.

7. You must make sure that the surgeon you selected understands you and your desires along with being well trained and experienced with the art of rhinoplasty. The surgeon's previous worker's pre and post-operative pictures may help you take the final call.

8. Rhinoplasty is not as expensive as you may think. The average costing of a nose surgery in 2015 is approximately $ 4,806.

9. Winter months are the mostought after ones when it will generally be quicker and easier to make things work. And also this is a vacation time for most of the candidates.

10. It seems that the ordinary helpers actually can aggravate speedy recovery Starting with homeopathic herbs can hasten the recovery and bruising with decreased swelling effectively.