If you are planning to get breast augmentation, you can expect to face a lot of decisions. Though they are important, you should relax knowing that your doctor will walk you through them. Get to know the main choices you will have when it comes to this surgery.

One of the most important decisions you will make involves the implants themselves. You need to choose the size, which depends on how noticeable you want your chest to be. Your doctor can help with this decision by showing you what each size would look like on your frame. You can also look at before and after photos of patients to determine how extreme you want the size increase to be.

A related decision involves choosing the type of implants you want. Saline has been popular for the last several years, but silicone has been making a comeback after being off the market for years. If you are still worried about any dangers you have heard about silicone, you can go with saline instead, which may be best if you are rather young since this type is often recommended for younger patients. However, silicone is known for looking and feeling the most real. Your surgeon can help you decide on the right type before you begin preparing for your breast augmentation.

Another choice you will have is whether to put the implants under your chest muscles or over them. Placing them under the muscle can lead to more natural looking breasts and very little chance of ripples, but your recovery may be lengthier and more uncomfortable than the alternative. A less popular option is putting the implants over the muscles, which is usually best if you work out a lot and do not want your chest to look odd when you flex your muscles. In addition, the enhanced breasts are often more noticeable when you choose this option, and cleavage is also increased.

Finally, you need to talk to your surgeon about where the incision should be placed. One option is in the areola since this means the scar should be hidden no matter how few clothes you are wearing. You can also hide the incision under the breasts since it should be difficult to see there, as well, especially with a larger chest. The armpit is another spot for the breast augmentation incision, though the scar might show when you put your arms above your head.

Your doctor should discuss all these options with you at the first meeting. You should have some time to think about your answers after obtaining some resources from your surgeon. Only then can you feel confident going into your breastfeeding augmentation surgery.