When it comes to your age, the part of your body that shows it the most is your profile. While it is easy to believe that you can hide any blemishes, wrinkles, and frown lines with makeup, you are not doing anything to get rid of them. Instead of resorting to spend your older years hiding behind a mask made of makeup, you should see a specialist to get a facelift. This is one form of cosmetic surgery that will allow you to have your imperfections fixed and transform your appearance.

There are several areas that a facelift will improve on your profile. For starters, you do not have to be embarrassed about the weather lines and wrinkles that bless your skin. You can always have some microdermabrasion work done to improve your skin's texture and tone. You can also have laser treatment done to bring the youngger and healthy skin to the surface, while it removes the dead skin cells.

If you have areas where there are depressions and sagging, you may be able to benefit from having some Botox injections. Botox is a very safe substance to have injected into the body. It acts as a temporary paralysis agent and holds the muscles that are responsible for creating wrinkles and depressions in place so that your profile is much fuller. The injections are painless and can be completed in a few minutes. The effects are not permanent though. You would need to return every few months for more injections to maintain the appearance they give you.

If you are looking to have serious work done to improve your appearance then it is best for you to seek out a skilled dermatologist or medical director at a medical spa. You want to make sure that anyone you are getting advice from is more than qualified and experienced to give it. Let them know that you are happy with your appearance. If there are specific issues you want to address, do so. Your specialist will take an assessment of your medical history and current health. They may inquire about your lifestyle and eating habits as well. They may need to run some tests to determine what course of action they should take for your facelift. For example, if you have sagging jowls, then your specialist may want to do a little nip and tuck to give you a more youthful appearance.

Many people feel that a facelift may be too painful and are scared to have one. What you need to realize is that with all of the advances that medical science has made over the last decade, there are very little risks associated with the procedure. Anesthesia is administered to ensure that you maintain a level of comfort that keeps you pain free. After your procedure, you will recover for a few days in the hospital to ensure that you do not have any complications. You can then go home to finish your recovery. In a few short weeks, you will look as if the years have been erased from your appearance.