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The Major Types of Breast Implants To Choose From

There are many types of breast implants to choose from when going for a breastfeeding augmentation surgery. Nowadays, it looks everything that is useful for humans has so many options to choose from. Beginning with common food items to serious health choices like implants for the breasts, choosing what is best and right for you can be very overwhelming. Making the decision becomes hard considering the many available options. Neverheless, because it is among the most vital decisions you must make for your body, you must choose the most effective implant for the breasts. This is so you can obtain the best possible outcomes. This article brings you the 3 most familiar ones so you can make a choice of what best suits you.

Silicone Breast Implants
Silicone breast implants are common and popular. Even though they were interrupted from the cosmetic plastic surgery field in the 1990s because of issues that were related to safety, they have now returned and are a lot safer than they ever were. They are typically filled with silicone and they offer women that use them a proportional, natural and beautiful feel. It normally takes some days for a woman to notice should they get ruptured. This is because silicone leaks very slowly into the patient's body so it is not quickly noticed. But this poses no danger as silicone is a substance that the human body can dissolve completely. Vital features of silicone implants include;

  • Availability of diverse sizes.
  • A bit more expensive than saline breast implants.
  • Come with a textured or smooth shell surface.
  • Offer a feel that is more natural than that of saline implants.
  • When augmentation is thick-skinned, they offer less obvious rippling.

Gummy Bear Breast Implants
Gummy bear breast implants are rather new to the market and the cosmetic plastic surgery world. They provide women that use them with the most natural feeling and looking breasts yet to be provided by any other alternative. They are made from a gel of silicone that has a very high strength. These implants are becoming more popular by the day as more and more patients are choosing to use them for their breast augmentation surgeries. Their rising popularity is not connected to the most natural feel and look that they offer. Gummy bear breast implants hold their form and shape very well and for very long. They hold that form and shape much better and longer than both silicone and saline breast implants.

Saline Breast Implants
Saline breast implants also offer women who use them a rather natural appearance, proportion, feel and look. They are made from salt water or sale. They are very popular with patients who main concern is health issues. This is one of the most positive features they offer to users. Should they rupture or burst at any point in time, they do not cause any issues or concerns from the health angle. This is because the saline solution which the implants contain is safely and easily absorbed into the patient's body. Some vital features of saline breast implants comprise;

  • Availability of diverse sizes.
  • Come pre-filled or empty to be filled during implantation procedure.
  • Come with textured or smooth shell surface.
  • Permits implant size and volume adjustment after operation.
  • A bit less expensive when compared to silicone breast implant products.
  • Rupture of implant can be detected quickly.
  • In women whose breast tissue is thin, it is possible that the implant rippling be visible.

If choosing the right implant that will give you the best results is your problem, you need to consult with your professional cosmetic plastic surgeon. He will then discuss the major types of implants for the breasts to choose from and the specific benefits of using each.

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What To Expect Before, During and After Vaser Lipo Treatment

When you're considering vaser lipo treatment, always do your research and only choose a reputable cosmetic clinic with qualified doctors. You can check to see how many cosmetic procedures the doctor has performed and have a look at their before and after photographs. You can also check them out on internet forums, as these are a great source of information.

The Consultation

When considering vaser lipo, the first thing you should do is book a consultation to see the doctor. Some consultations are free, but this is not always the case. At the consultation, your requirements and expectations will be fully discussed and they will recommend the procedure that will get you the most effective results for your body.

The consultation will involve:

  • Taking your medical history.
  • Understanding your expectations and what you want from the procedure.
  • If you are asking for several procedures, they'll decide whether you can have the treatments done together, or whether you'll need separate appointments.
  • Discuss the range of vaser treatments: standard vaser, vaser mid def or vaser hi def.
  • Evaluating your skin thickness and elasticity.
  • Measuring the amount of fat to remove.
  • Pricing. You will discuss the cost of the procedure.
  • You will get the chance to talk through the vaser liposuction procedure.
  • You will discuss pre-op preparation, compression garments, antibiotics and post op care.


They flood the target area with local anesthesia through very tiny and carefully made incisions. The doctor will make a couple of small cuts between the skin and the muscle layer and will then insert a small thin probe, which sends the vaser ultrasound energy to the targeted areas, using very thin, solid and grooved probes. The innovative technology respects the veins, nerves, blood vessels and surrounding tissues, so leaves them relatively intact. The probes deliver the energy to the fatty deposits between your skin and muscle, causing fat cells to vibrate, and this action dissolves the cells and simply melts the fat to liquid. The liquid fat is then drained from the body through suction.

Post Op Care

Going to have a cosmetic procedure, going through with it and paying out good money, is no use whatever if you do not follow the doctor's recommendations for well-needed care afterwards. Post op care is just as important as the actual procedure, and you should follow the post op instructions to the letter. With some essential after care, you can promote a quick recovery.

MLD – Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Some swelling after a vaser lipo procedure is normal.It's highly recommended that you have MLD sessions to help reduce any swelling. Massaging the body helps to unblock and drain the lymphatic system and the accumulation of liquid that's in the body, partly as a result of the anaesthetic solution being trapped under the skin. It helps reduce, lumps and bumps, swelling and also any discomfort that you might feel after vaser procedure. The massaging should feel like gentle stroking and not feel uncomfortable at all.

Surgical Compression Garments

Following a vaser procedure, patients have to wear a compression garment on the area of ​​the body that's been treated, to aid the healing process. Keeping the area compressed, helps to minimize the chances of the skin sagging, as well as reducing the risk of unwanted creases from forming. The compression garment holds and supports the skin, giving the area the help it needs to heal naturally. Applying a consistent pressure on deep tissues, will make any chance of post-surgery complications unresolved.

The length of time for wearing the compression garments is between four to six weeks, depending on which area you've had treated and this is something you will discuss with your doctor at your appointment. When choosing a surgical compression garment for post op care, you want something that's easily removable and easy enough for you to put back on by yourself.

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Vaser Lipo, Mid-Def and Hi-Def for Contouring and Streamlining the Body

There are different forms of vaser lipo; the regular vaser option, vaser hi-def and vaser mid-def. The standard vaser lipo provides the foundation for all the other vaser treatments and is most effective eliminating stubborn pockets of fat you can not lose, despite eating healthy and doing regular exercise.

Small or medium amounts of fat removal are best suited for a vaser procedure. It's better if you are near, or at your ideal weight and just need pockets of fat taking away. Although vaser removals fat cells, it is not a method for weight-loss, more a body contouring method which can sculpt most areas of the face and body. Once the fat cells get suctioned out, they are gone permanently, however, not every single cell gets removed, and the remaining cells do have the potential to grow, so the need to eat healthily and exercise is still important, if you want to keep your new shape.

Vaser mid-def is usually for women who want a defined, athletic look. Women have this procedure for toning the tummy, hips, thighs and bottom, to improve muscle tone and add definition or maybe to achieve an hourglass shape to the waist and hips.

For a more athletic appearance we use vaser hi-def which allows the sculpting, defining and toning of certain areas on the body. Definition achieved from this technique is ideal for areas such as the abdomen, back, thighs and the arms which already have some toned muscle underneath.

The vaser hi-def procedure helps to create a more sculpted, athletic appearance than you would get using standard vaser, as it removes both superb and deep fat that sits directly on the muscles, making the under musculature more visible. The hi-def procedure is an advanced body sculpting technique, and its precise nature is popular with those who want six-pack abs or toned, defined pecs.

Men have vaser hi-def to trim down love handles, to define the six-pack, creating the much thought-after washboard abs or to sculpt a muscular chest. The best results of vaser hi-def lipo are usually seen after a couple of weeks, and the occupied areas should keep their sculptured appearance, for as long as you maintain your weight.

Vaser lipo uses very thin, solid probes. At the start of the procedure, the area you want treated gets injected with local anesthesia through very tiny and carefully made incisions. We then deliver the ultrasound by using vaser probes to break up and emulsify the fat. The liquefied fat gets removed by a tiny vaser cannula.

During vaser treatment, most patients experience minimal pain. Afterwards you may feel discomfort and this would be due to temporary post-operative swapping and bruising, which most patients find manageable with normal pain relief medication.

Vaser lipo can leave scars, but they are usually very small. The incisions made for the probes to enter are tiny, making any possible scars, also very tiny. When possible, the doctor will place the incision into the body's natural creases, disguising any scarring that might be caused. On most people, this incision scar will fade or else it will become invisible over time, depending on each person's reaction to scarring.

The results of a vaser lipo procedure, when you combine it with a healthy diet with a lifestyle, are permanent and can last a lifetime.

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11 Most Common Plastic Surgeries

Plastic surgeries are not only for those featuring in those glossy magazines. They are also for those who look into the mirror and feel the need to change something that is either out of place, deformed or damaged – some part that is completely lowering their confidence levels.

Well, here are a few most common plastic surgeries:


Liposuction is basically the removal of the excess fat deposits by using a tube that is inserted benefit the skin. A vacuum like device is used to suck out the fat. This procedure is most commonly performed on the abdomen, hips, thighs and upper arms. Recovery time is usually about six weeks.


This procedure is most commonly called as a nose job. The nose is reshaped to make it either larger, smaller or to narrow the span between the nostrils or change the angle between the nose and the upper lip.

Breast augmentation

This procedure is used to enlarge or give a proper shape to breasts by using saline or silicone filled implants. This surgery requires only a few days of recovery and is very popular among women.

Eye lid surgery

Drooping upper eye lids or sagging lower eye lids can be corrected with this surgery technically termed as blepharoplasty. The bags below the eyes are corrected by removing the extra fat, muscle or skin. Recovery time for this surgery is about a week to ten days.

Tummy tuck

The abdomen is flattened and the extra fat and skin are removed. The abdominal muscles are then tightened. Patients need around two to six weeks to completely recover.

Face lift

The excess fat is removed and muscles are tightened and the skin is redraped. The ultimate result is a tighter skin on the face and neck. Exposure to the sun must be avoided for several weeks after this surgery.


In this procedure, the surgeon uses a high speed rotating device to scrape away the top layers of the skin leaving the softer and newer layers. The wrinkles and facial blemishes are practically rubbed out. Again, the recovery time is around two to six weeks.

Forehead lift

The lines and droops on the forehead are straightened out by removing tissue and tightening the skin and the muscles. This procedure takes one to three weeks to recover.

Hair transplantation

Hair from other parts of the scalp – are very conveniently grafted to the bald areas. Over eighteen months are required to restore the hair completely.

Ear surgery

Very large ears or those that stick out from the forehead can be restored to position. The skin or cartilage of the ear is removed and the ear is bent to bring it closer to the head. The head is then banded and stitches are usually removed after a week.

Chin augmentation

Chin advancement gives your face a sense of proportion. It includes inserting an implant or changing the shape of the chin altogether.

If you have ever wondered how to correct some part of the face, tummy or arm etc. plastic surgery definitely has a number of options to help you restore your physical beauty as well as your self esteem and confidence.

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Four Reasons Why Doctors Become Plastic Surgeons

From pediatrics to oncology, every specialization contracts doctors for a different reason. Plastic surgeons are a special case because so many of their procedures are elective, or optional. Doctors who work in an emergency room, for example, see a lot of life-or-death situations. On the other hand, a patient seeking a breastfeeding augmentation generally does not need that procedure for health reasons. The primary benefits may be measured concerning aesthetics or the patient's satisfaction, but surgical procedures that are cosmetic in nature still require a competent and fully trained physician. So why would someone choose this field?

Helping People
At a clinic that offers cosmetic procedures, a lot of patients will come to get a facelift, tummy tuck, or breast surgery, but these clinics also see patients who have suffered from severe burns or struggled through a fight against breast cancer. When accidents and illnesses affect a person's physical appearance, it's not uncommon for them to turn to plastic surgeons.

There's no doubt that some doctors are drawn to medicine by the promise of financial security. Given the long years of study and medical school debt, it makes sense that doctors would have appropriatively compensated. Depending on factors like added risks, additional training, and demand, doctors in some fields make more money than others. Many plastic surgeers own at least a part of their own medical business, increasing the financial risk and opportunity for profit. A surgical clinic that does well can make a lot of money, but a business failure can be a huge financial loss.

Physicians in this field often have an appreciation for technological innovation. By contrast, the treatments for cuts and broken bones have not radically changed in decades. New injectables and cosmetic treatments appear every year, and an informed doctor can keep abreast of the latest options. Innovative technology offers new alternatives for patients. When a patient has specific concerns about their crow's feet or another aesthetic issue, newer injectables can be considered alongside older treatments. Certain personality types are drawn to this kind of lifetime learning.

Plastic surgeons have a greater degree of freedom than many other types of doctors. Most medical professionals have to remain on call for medical emergencies. Since cosmetic treatment is elective surgery, there is rarely an urgent need for immediate treatment. Since the patient's life expectancy is rarely impacted by aesthetic settings, there is more flexibility when it comes to selecting and carrying out the chosen procedure.

Students who are in medical school will often have a couple of specializations in mind. During rotations in different departments, students can discover their personal aptitudes and preferences. A private clinic may be a different kind of work environment from the typical hospital, but small offices may recruit promising graduates. After study and experience with specific procedures, doctors have the opportunity to work towards becoming board certified. Ultimately, many doctors only find their path after trying several different options in medical school. The reasons behind that choice are as different as the backgrounds and worldviews of each new doctor.

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Cosmetic Surgery – What Are the Most Requested Types of Surgery?

Facial Implants

If you are not happy with the shape of your face, you can opt for facial implants. There is one that is meant for every area of ​​the face, including the cheeks, chin and jaw.

Typically, facial implants are used in reconstructive plastic surgery.

These implants aim to make certain parts of your face more prominent, or balance out areas that are not even.

After the facial implant, your face will have contours that are tighter and more defined, giving you a more symmetrical look. According to experts, this determines how attractive people perceive you to be.

Rhinoplasty or Nose Job

Since the nose is located at the center of your face, there is a tendency for it to get easily noticed.

When you want to have the nose you desire, go for rhinoplasty.

You may not be happy with your nose that is too big. You can get a nose job known as rhinoplasty, which can do a lot of improvements on your overall appearance, as well as boost your self confidence whenever you meet and deal with people.

There is a variety of ways to cosmetically alter the nose by means of surgery. A plastic surgeon can shorten a long nose, make a wide nose narrow, flatten a humped nose and make large nostrils smaller.

By means of different techniques, surgeons can bring about beautiful, yet natural looking results.

No matter how the nose is shaped, cosmetic surgeons will try their best to make it look natural to match your face.

Non-Surgical Procedures

Among all the different types of cosmetic procedures, non-surgical procedures entail the smallest amount of pain and downtime.

In addition, they are the least expensive, though the results they give do not last as long as their surgical equivalent.

An example is oxygen facial therapy, wherein pure oxygen is blasted into the skin.

Some of the non surgical cosmetic procedures are dermal fillers like Botox, chemical peels, collagen and restylane injections, laser skin resurfacing and microdermabrasion.

In general, liposuction is considered a non surgical procedure, but in truth, it is a minor surgical procedure.

Most non surgical procedures are meant to improve the way your skin looks in the short-term.

As an example, Botox injections are used to help reduce wrinkles, while collagen is also used to add volume to areas like the lips.

Collagen, when injected into the lips, restores volume and increases fullness.

Laser skin resurfacing and microdermabrasion aimed to reduce skin discolorations and hyperpigmentation. Therefore, they can be used to treat acne scars and sun damage.

If you want to enhance your looks, but are a link to go through surgery and do not have budget for it, you can opt for non surgical procedures that are effective in helping you delay the signs of aging and maintain a younger appearance.

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Cosmetic Surgery – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does cosmetic surgery differ from plastic surgery?

A. Although both procedures aim at improving the body of a patient, they have different guiding principles. Cosmetic surgery focuses on enhancing a patient's appearance by means of surgery and medical techniques. It can be done on any area of ​​the neck, head and body. Since treated areas have normal functions but lack aesthetic appeal, this procedure is optional.

Plastic surgery focuses on the reconstruction of defects on the face and body caused by burns, birth disorders, disease and trauma. This procedure, which is reconstructive in nature, aims to correct dysfunctional body parts.

Q. If cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are two different specialties, why are they identified as one?

A. It is important to keep in mind that the “cosmetic surgery” and “plastic surgery” terms are not interchangeable. Getting confused about these terms has brought about the misunderstanding about these two different specialties. Cosmetic surgery is known as the “surgery of appearance”. This elective procedure focuses on aesthetics.

Q. What is the difference between the education of a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon?

A. Both procedures have different goals and results so the cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons go through different kinds of training.

Cosmetic surgery does not entitle any maintenance programs. For this reason, doctors that practice it have educational backgrounds such as going through medical school, fellowship and / or residency program possibly specializing in surgery, then obtaining board certification in a particular specialty plus post-residency training. They can do this by means of a fellowship program in this field and by means of lectures, seminars and workshops. Physicians that have a lot of experience in this field are certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (or ABCS) that recognizes a strict set of standards to guarantee expertise and proficiency.

Plastic surgeons go through a path similar to most cosmetic surgeons. On the other hand, after graduating from medical school, they become a resident and / or fellow in plastic surgery. Thereafter, they may obtain certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. A plastic surgeon may or may not choose to get more training in cosmetic surgery. If they decide on it, they can gain more experience in the field by means of a fellowship training program, lectures, seminars and workshops then get certification from the ABCS upon completion of the requirements.

Having a board certification is very critical when it comes to determining a surgeon's credentials. The abovementioned certifying boards have very different requirements and consider the education and experience of a physician in different fields. Therefore, it is important for the public and healthcare professionals to recognize the differences. This way, patients can make the right decision in choosing a cosmetic or plastic surgeon to perform a particular procedure. The mission of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery is to further develop the specialty and quality patient care centering on education and patient safety.

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Popular Types of Cosmetic Surgery


Rhytidectomy, commonly known as a facelift, is one of the surgical procedures that are very effective in reversing the visible signs of aging. A good facelift can allow you to look 10 years younger than your age. For this reason, it is one of the most popular types of plastic surgery nowdays.

The face lift, as its name connotes, aims to lift the skin, and therefore tighten it to reduce sagging or laxity.

This procedure can bring back a more refreshed and youthful look to the face by targeting problem areas, like sagging prompts and jaws, as well as a less prominent jawline.

In contrast to what majority of people think, a facelift is not that effective in removing wrinkles that that already exist. However, it can slow down the rate by which new fine lines and wrinkles develop.

You can choose from among the several types of facelifts available. For instance, you can get a mini-facelift, which lifts only some parts of the face to tighten areas that are beginning to sag. This involves a shorter recovery period, as well as lower costs as compared to other forms of facelifts. There is a wide range of face lifts and each offers its own treatment options.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) aims to restore a more youthful look to the face by removing the excess sagging skin surrounding the eyes. This is surgically excised from either the upper or lower eyelid to get rid of sagging.

As an example, surgery on the upper eyelid can take away the skin that hangs just above the eyes underneath the eyebrows. This tend to make a person look aged, and even worse, may start to disrupt normal vision.

Lower eyelid surgery can solve bags under the eyes called “eye bags”, another cause of tired looking eyes.

Whatever type of procedure you choose, the excess skin will be removed together with the undering fat and muscle. This will result in a scar which is severely seen, and could be naturally understood within the skin folds.

In general, those who go through eyelid surgery get positive results, since their eyes look brighter and wider, giving them a more refreshed, wide awake look than they used to have.

Forehead Lift

Some people complain about wrinkles on their forehead. Instead of getting a full face lift, they just opt ​​for a forehead lift, sometimes known as “browplasty” or a “brow lift”.

A brow lift could counter the aging signs that are visible on the uppermost part of the face.

Such procedure can help reduce or get rid of deep frown lines, creases between eyebrows, a low brow line and sagging eyebrows.

This brings about an improvement in your appearance by letting you look younger than your age and more alert.

Although you can get the same outlet with Botox injections, the results are just temporary, so in the long run, many people decide on a forehead lift since it gives them a more lasting solution.

Brow Lift

For a more natural looking effect than Botox, opt for surgical forehead lifts – though they go together with the drawback of leaving some kind of scarring behind.

Fortunately, the good news is that the scars thought about by the surgery can be understood well within the hairline – though this can be a problem for men who have a receding hairline.

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An Overview of Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery consists of two branches: cosmetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery. The goal of cosmetic surgery is to improve the physical appearance of a person. Plastic surgery can perform this or just reconstruction (reconstructive surgery). On the other hand, reconstructive plastic surgery is done to improve function. It may also entitle enhancing appearance, though this is not its primary purpose. Reconstructive plastic surgery is also known simply as reconstructive surgery.

In other places worldwide, cosmetic surgery is completely separated from plastic surgery. The term cosmetic surgery is also called non-essential surgery, electrical surgery and surgery that a patient decides on, while plastic surgery is the surgery intended to improve appearance caused by illness or injury.

According to experts, cosmetic surgery is not for everyone. There are things that happen to a patient's life that influence his / her decision to go for surgery. In several cases, surgeons from Europe and North America may pose the procedure until the patient goes through psychological counseling. Most cosmetic surgeries give permanent results, so it is very important for a patient to be very sure before going through the procedure.

Here are three surgical procedures that are performed very often:

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

This procedure aims to reshape and firm the abdomen. Excess fat and skin is taken from the middle and lower abdomen to tighten the fascia and muscle of the abdominal wall. The people who usually choose to go tummy tuck are those who lost a lot of weight and have sagging skin as a result, as well as women after giving birth. At times, they have sagging skin because of genetic reasons (the patient inherited it). Tummy tuck could also improve the look of stretch marks, particularly those that are below the navel.

It is critical to identify malnutrition among patients that have lost many pounds. Prior to surgery, when malnutrition is identified in significant weight loss, there will be less surgical complications, faster healing of wounds, higher energy levels and improved scar for patients who want to go through body contouring.

Nose job or rhinoplasty

In this procedure, the surgeon reshapes the nose of the patient. This is performed by an otolaryngologist (surgeon for the head and neck, and a specialist on the ear / nose), plastic surgeon or a maxillofacial surgeon. This procedure aims to improve nose appearance and also its function – if the patient has a problem with breathing. According to surgeons, patients should at least be 15 years old (boys should be older). There are times when rhinoplasty is performed together with a facelift.

Facelift or rhytidectomy

This is a procedure intended to remove wrinkles by means of surgery. This aims to improve a patient's face by making him / her look younger. The surgeon removes excess facial skin with no need to tighten underlying tissues. He redrapes the skin on the face and / or neck of the patient. There are several ways of performing face lifts, but the most common one is to incise the front part of the ear that extends to the hairline and goes around the base of the ear and behind it. Then a scalpel or scissors that goes over the neck and cheek separates the skin from the deeper tissues. Thereafter, these deeper tissues are tightened with sutures or stitches. The extra deeper tissues are sometimes removed. Then, the skin is redraped and extra skin is removed. Finally, the surgeon sutures or staples the incisions.

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People With BDD Don’t Need Cosmetic Surgery

It is important to know why doctors administrate a mental health screening before putting a BDD suspected patient under the knife. It clearly does not mean that the patient has lost it or is a psycho, it is just to rule out body dismorphic disorder because such people with BDD do not need cosmetic surgery, they need psychiatric care & counseling. If a surgeon performs the desired surgery on a BDD affected patient without mental counseling, it is more than sure that he / she will not be satisfied with the results and it will affect both (the surgeon and the patient) because it is not a matter of face / body correction, it the mind that need fixation.

People with BDD may pick at a skin defect only perceptible to them until a real scab appears. They may lose hours in front of a mirror, meticulously working to camouflage their purported flaws, or they might compulsively avoid mirrors at all costs, terrified of what they'll see. Some develop eating disorders or social anxiety.

Still, the psychiatric condition is surprisingly common: according to the Body Dysmorphia Disorder Foundation, one in 50 people has it. The advocacy group lists several famous names who may have had the disorder, although none were diagnosed, including Sylvia Plath, Michael Jackson and Franz Kafka.

Larger breasts come with their share of drawbacks; back pain, neck pain, sports sore, difficulty in finding clothes that fit properly among them, self-consciousness. A large cup size that can not be supported by your frame, can cause health problems, that becomes become chronic concerns when ignored. When your breast size limits your life, reduction is the best option.

The Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery-

  • Say goodbye to pain – With your breasts weighing relatively less, they will not strain your shoulders, neck and back.
  • Start exercising again – You will be able to run, swim, walk & play without your breasts getting in the way.
  • Improve your post – You will no longer slouch. You will be able to pull back your shoulders and straighten your spell, and throw your chest out, finally.
  • Shop easier – You do not have to hide in mumus. Clothes that fit, support and flatter will be easier to find.
  • Boost your confidence – An improved posture will enhance your self-confidence as well.
  • People often start watching their body weight right after liposuction and wonder why the numbers are not going down as they expect. First of all, it's important to remember that liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure. Best for removing small pockets of fat, liposuction gives patients better body contour and a shapelier silhouette, but is not meant to help you lose pounds. I tell patients to avoid the weighing scale for 1-2 month after surgery because the body is in healing mode from surgery stress and can cause you to retain water (which could translate to increased pounds). Once the body realizes you are fine the water will come off. Maintaining a balanced diet and following your doctor's prescribed post-op instructions will also help you on the right track towards a healthy recovery.

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What Is Vaser Liposuction And How Does It Work?

What Do We Mean By Lipoplasty?

Liposuction is medically known as Lipoplasty. It is a process by which the fat is broken down and aspired out from the various part of the patient's body mostly in the abdomen, chest, knees, thighs, buttocks, neck, chin, upper and back portions of the arms. There are various techniques for Lipoplasty one of which is ultrasonic lipoplasty, as developed by VASER.

Who Are The Suitable Candidates?

Lipoplasty helps to attain tight skin within a short span of time. The suitable candidates for the surgery should be in good health and physically fit with good skin elasticity. Ideally the candidate must be 20-25 pounds overweight.

What Is The Procedure?

A traditional process of emulsification of fat was done with the help of cannula, where it is poked into the selective part of the patient's body to remove the excess fat. The fat breaks down in a faster way by using the Ultrasound than that of the traditional method. Vaser is released in a form of vibration, bursting the walls of fat cells emulsifying it in a buttery liquid and finally aspiring out from the vacuum device. Local asnasthesia is used on the outpatient candidates, allowing them to go home on the same day the surgery has taken place. Prior to the surgery the patient's selective body part is filled with special wetting or super wetting solution that helps to keep the area numb, shrinking of the blood vessels to achieve less blood loss during the procedure.

What Are The Advantages Of This Procedure?

The advantage and aim of the surgery are removing undesired fat from any body parts without any damages caused to organs, tissues, blood vessels or skin necrosis. Although it is a faster technique for body contouring, it helps the patient in quick recovery too. Vaser Liposuction is a minimal invasive surgery with minimal swelling, bruising, blood loss and pain during the whole process of body contouring. The patient gets the surgical benefit for treatment of large areas of fat, accessed and removed from the patient's body.

What Are The Faclications Faced?

This surgery uses high ultrasonic energy for treatment of emulsification of fat which may cause a second or third degree of burn or few weeks of numbness over the treated area. Few other drawbacks of Vaser Lipoplasty are not that skin skin tightening leading to saggy skin, a slight bit more of bleeding and a long process of recovery. The emergence of the body contouring can be auspicious and safe if the surgeon is verified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. It is safer to check the credential of the doctor and reviews by the other treated patients by him.

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Some of the Most Common Complications Seen in Cosmetic Surgery

Surgery could be a scary thought for many. There is always a possibility of some complications and a surgery that went perfectly well could be fatal if the post operative care is not effective. Here are some of the most common complications seen in cosmetic surgery:


Hematoma is basically a pocket of blood that resembles a large and painful bruise. This side effect most commonly occurs in 1 – 6 percent of breast augmentation procedures. It is also one of the most common complications seen after a facelift. Well, it is a risk factor is almost all types of surgeries. It is however treatable and usually includes additional surgery to drain the blood.

Nerve damage

There is a potential for nerve damage in different types of surgical procedures. After cosmetic surgery, numbness and tingling are very common and could be signs of nerve damage. Most of the women experience a change in sensitivity after a breastfeeding augmentation surgery which could be due to nerve damage.


Most surgeries include post operative care procedures to help reduce the risk of infection. However, it remains one of the most common complications of cosmetic surgery. In some cases, the infection is internal and pretty severe. In these cases IV antibiotics are an option.

Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism

Deep vein thrombosis is a condition where blood clots are formed in deep veins – usually in the legs. These clots sometimes break off and travel to the lungs. This is known as pulmonary embolism and is fatal. Even though these complications are uncommon, they pose a greater risk to the patient when they occur.


Any kind of surgery results in scarring. Scars can be particularly troubling especially after a cosmetic surgery which aims at improving the way you look. These scars can be appreciated if you follow the doctor's advice religiously.

General appearance dissatisfaction

Dissatisfaction with the results could be a reality and a possibility. Especially facial surgeries are a greater risk if the results are not as per the expectations of the patient.

Organ damage

Liposuction is one procedure that could be traumatic for internal organs. When the surgical probe comes in contact with internal organs it could cause punctures or perforations. Repairing these could require additional surgery.

Anesthesia complications

Anesthesia complications are not uncommon. General anesthesia can sometimes lead to complications such as stroke, heart attack or waking up confused, disoriented and shivering.


This condition occurs when the serum from your blood pools benefit the surface of the skin resulting in pain and swelling. It usually looks like a very large blister and could occur after any surgery. It is however, the most common complication of a tummy tuck. These seromas can become infected. In order to remove them, they are drained by pricking a needle. However, there is a chance of recurrence and further complications.

Blood loss

With any surgery, blood loss is expected although uncontrolled and heavy blood loss could lead to a drop in the blood pressure and could be fatal. This could occur during or after surgery.

Educating yourself about the procedure and its possible risks can help you manage your expectations pot surgery.

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Vaser Lipo Hi-Def Treatment For Defined Muscle Tone In The Chest And Stomach

For men, especially young men, the abdomen is a popular area to treat, as it seems that no matter how many sit-ups, work outs and crunches they do, that illusive six-pack can seem impossible to achieve. Annoyingly, the abs are one of the hardest areas to lose that last bit of excess fat from. Although you may be fit and healthy, it can feel very demoralizing to know, that even though you have a healthy diet and do regular exercise, some stubborn fat deposits just will not shift.

Men of all ages have Vaser Lipo treatment on lots of areas, but mostly, men's preferred treatments seem to concentrate on the abs, chest and flanks. Male clients often wish for a six-pack tummy, although with those who are not in tip-top shape, creating a twin pack is actually more realistic. If however they are slim and have good muscle tone and good skin elasticity, then they'll be suitable for the full six-pack look!

Image conscious men who are desperate to get rid of body fat, are turning to Vaser Liposuction. This is not a procedure designed to remove large amounts of fat from someone who is vastly overweight, but is most successfully used on those who are in reliably good shape and with an active lifestyle, but need help to target the most stubborn areas. Whether it's a six-pack with definition of the muscles you're after or maybe you just have a little pot belly that you would like to get rid of, then Vaser Lipo can help you achieve it.

Vaser Lipo and Vaser Hi-Def, can help get you on the right track, getting your body looking just the way you want it. It's a precise procedure, treating small areas with a great degree of accuracy, which makes it ideal for achieving definition of the tummy muscles. Vaser focuses on precision, and by removing exquisite and deep fat, it will enhance visibility of the natural muscle contours. Getting Vaser Lipo on your abs and stomach region is an ideal way to slim down, tone and achieve muscle definition.

Vaser Lipo has many benefits:

  • The procedure is minimally invasive, there's no damage to surrounding body tissues.
  • Vaser Lipo uses local anaesthetic.
  • The risk of bleeding, bruising and discomfort is minimal.
  • Less scarring and requires no stitches.
  • Vaser Lipo is a walk-in-walk-out procedure with minimal downtime.
  • Vaser stimulates collagen production, resulting in tighter skin.

For ideal results of the abs area, you should already have reasonable muscle tone, and exercise regularly. We can remove the fat from the abs region, although it will be hard to get great results if the abdominal muscles are not built up underneath. Being ultra-fit is not a must, you just need a good base to build on.

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Detailed Outline on Some Important Aspects of Breast Lifts

It is due to the natural aging procedure that our skin begins to lose the elasticity. Women also perceive varied changes in the breasts with growing age. The women possessing smaller breasts usually notice replacement alterations as the breasts droop downwards. The women who have heavier breasts perceive noticeable changes in breast shape. Opportunely, the advances in the medical ground have brought proper solution to these problems.

A form of plastic surgery known as breast lift is becoming popular these days to treat or correct breast defects. The breast lift is the trusted surgical procedure, which allows women to get perfect contours specifically by uplifting drooped breasts, which further provide a youthful projection. Studies show that women start feeling even more confident after this surgery. In fact, the women look more attractive, fit as well as young than before. Mothers who want to regain their pre-pregnancy outlook mostly prefer this surgery. To know more about some of the essential facts related to this surgery, go through these following points:

1. Candidacy

Maximum women opt for the surgery after becoming mothers or else after experiencing aging and weight loss. These are some of the fundamental reasons that cause breast sagging. Individuals who wish to undergo or else experience this surgery should appoint trustworthy surgeons. It is a surgeon who can efficiently determine whether one needs to undergo this surgical procedure or not.

• Ideal Candidates

The surgeons perform this surgery on women who are above 18 years, irrespective of the size of the breast. But having realistic expectations about this surgery is necessary for the patients. Beside these, a patient must have the emotional balance to deal with minor post surgical complications. You must know that the breastfeeding moms and pregnant women can not undergo this surgery. It's important to discuss with the surgeons about your expectations and other health issues to avoid further complications.

2. Breast Lift just after Pregnancy

Breastfeeding and pregnancy are two major reasons, which lead to breast sagging. Here, most of the women prefer having this surgery after becoming mothers. The doctors mostly recommend postponing this surgery to the pregnant women. Along with breast lifts, the other forms of plastic surgeries that women undergo these days include facelift, eyelid surgeries, nose surgeries etc.

If you are also interested in having treatment for your sagging or drooping breast, consider having this surgery. However, to gain best results, it is important for you to choose a trusted surgeon.

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Accent Radiofrequency – Non-Invasive Skin Tightening Treatment

Accent Radiofrequency (RF) is a relatively recent technology, for treatment to areas in need of skin tightening and cellulite reduction. For those who are looking for improvement without problems or incisions, then this is the treatment for you. Accent Radiofrequency is a non-surgical skin tightening treatment primarily for the face and is ideal for people with mild to moderate sagging of the facial skin, usually suiting those in their thirties to fifties best.

We can use Accent, either as a stand-alone treatment or combined with other treatments to enhance results. It's a great way to tone, tighten and smooth your skin, rejuvenating the firmness of the skin and giving it a look of toned youthfulness.

Radiofrequency is an energy that causes heating by using radio waves. It's a non-surgical skin tightening treatment for the face and body, and is best suited to patients with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues. It's the heating that causes the fat cells to disrupt and the skin to tighten. By heating the skin to a certain temperature you will improve collagen formation, increase the blood flow and circulation, and that will strengthen the tissue and improve the texture. This will address skin laxity and the firmness of the skin.

Accent radiofrequency is excellent for:

  • Skin Tightening
  • Cellulite
  • Stretch Marks
  • Neck and Jaw-line Tightening
  • Face Tightening
  • Arm Tightening (aka Bingo Wings)
  • Lines & Wrinkles

There's no need for anaesthetic pain relief for this treatment. At the start of the procedure we lubricated the skin with massage oil and gently heated it until it reaches 42 degrees. The treatment is sometimes compared to a 'hot massage' usually with minimal or no pain or discomfort. The Accent treatments can take between 30 to 60 minutes depending on the area being treated and you can return to work the following day.

Cellulite and fat reduction improvement, can sometimes be seen after the first session, but most people will see a significant improvement after several sessions. To get a permanent result, it's recommended to have a course of six treatments, four weeks apart, but more sessions may be required, if the treatment area is intensive.

Collagen decreases as we age, but the good news is we can rebuild it, so the more sessions you have the better the result! It's not an exact science, and you probably should aim for six sessions, and then reassess. Accent is proven in its effectiveness in tightening loose skin, promoting healthy collagen production and improving body shape. Just a few treatments are able to show a significant difference to how you look!

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