If you are considering breast implants through augmentation surgery, there are a few things that you need to consider. Unlike in years past, there are now many options available to you when it comes to choosing implants. It is important to realize that this is something that is going to be put inside of your body. You want to be sure that you feel safe with the product the doctor will be using. You need to discuss all the risks associated with each option, to be sure that you make the most informed decision you possibly can.

There are many different types of breast implants available to ensure that everyone is able to get the right fit for their body type. One of the main types of products used for enhancement is the silicone option. The silicone implant is filled with a cohesive gel that holds together well and has the natural give that creates the allusion of tissue. The great thing about this particular option is that it can be filled to whatever size you like. This allows you to have a customized look that is ideal for your particular body. You want to be sure that you are able to get the look you want and the silicone ones will allow you to rest assured that you have the exact size that makes you feel the most comfortable. These particular types are FDA approved and have been shown to be very safe options for those seeking these enhancements.

Another very popular form of enhancement is with the saline model. Like the silicone option, the saline versions are FDA approved to be safe and nonhazardous to the body. They are filled with a saltwater solution that moves in the same way as the tissue. They have a slightly firmer feel to the touch but look great on just about any body type. The volume can be filled to the precise size you want to create the exact body image you desire.

The breast implants are available in many different profiles. This allows you to have the exact look you want. It is important to talk to your plastic surgeon about the look you are trying to achieve to allow him or her to show you the options available. Depending upon how you want them to be positioned on your body, will determine the exact profile that is right for you. You will also want to determine the size you want. Many doctors have items that you can use to determine the right size for you. You can place the items in your bra to get a visualization of what you will look like with different sized breasts. This will allow you to rest assured that you're not going to go too large for your frame and everything will look proportional.

You will need to choose if you want to have textured or smooth ones placed in your body. Many people choose to get the textured option because it reduces the chance of capsular contracture and it helps to keep the breast implants in position.