Breast implants (BIs) improve the size and shape of your breasts and can help you feel more confident about your appearance. If you have decided to get BIs, the next question you will need to answer is choosing the right size for you.

First you will need to find a reputable cosmetic or plastic surgeon with experience performing breast implant surgery. Naturally, the more surgeries he has performed, the more experience he has. Find a doctor with an experience level that you are comfortable with and ask for a consultation.

During your consultation it is important that you are an active participant. After all, you know your body best and you and only you know what your goals are and how you want to look after getting BIs. Being an active participant in your consultation means providing your doctor with your medical history, asking questions, and letting him know your goals and expectations. You and your doctor may look through pictures during your consultation and discuss looks and sizes you like and looks and sizes you dislike. Some women simply want to have fuller, rounder breasts, while other women want to dramatically increase their breast size from their original size. It is important to let your doctor know the look you are trying to achieve.

Contrary to popular belief, breast implants are not measured by bra cup size but rather by cubic centimeters or cc's. Cubic centimeters for BIs may range from 120 cc's to 850 cc's. So for instance if you normally wear an A cup and you would like to wear a C cup, telling your doctor this will give him an idea of ​​your goals and expectations for the surgery but it will not be the tell all end. Your doctor will take measurements of your chest and check your skin laxity. You will need to have the appropriate chest width and skin tissue to cover the size of your desired implants. Whatever size you choose for your new breasts, you want them to look natural.

You and your doctor will discuss and review all factors that will play a role in your BIs and choosing the right size. As an expert, your doctor will make recommendations to help you choose the size and look that are right for you. The look you select will determine the number of cubic centimeters of your implants. Breast implant surgery in the care of an experienced cosmetic or plastic surgeon can help you achieve the look you want.