The face is one area where plastic surgery is commonly performed. There are several different kinds of surgeries that can be performed on this region. The surgeon can be the same individual or can be different doctors, depending on the specialization of the medical expert. For the visage, there are experts for the facelift procedure, rhinoplasty, the eyes, hair transplants and many other procedures.

The facelift is a common operation that comes in different techniques and methods. It is also known as rhytidectomy among those in the medical field. These techniques are based on the plane or region of the face that is affected by the procedure. Common techniques are the deep plane lift, composite facelift, midplane facelift, threadlift, skin-only and MACS (minimal access cranial suspension). All of those listed aim to improve the visage of the individual by stretching or lifting the skin as well as the tissues in and around the area that is to be affected by the operation. Some techniques are less invasive than the others, which can be favored more by the patients. The less invasive plastic surgery procedures are usually the non-traditional ones because the traditional one was quite invasive and intensive. Incisions for most, if not all of these procedures are made in inconspicuous places to ensure that the scars will not be noticeable. The recovery period of each technique varies depending on the extent of the method and how invasive it was.

The nose job, otherwise known as a rhinoplasty, is also another common form for the visage. It targets perceived imperfections that the owner of the nose may have noticed. Surgeons aim to improve and alter the nasal region of the patient according to the preferences that the patient has initially described to the doctor. There are two plastic surgery techniques that are used for the rhinoplasty; These are the open and closed techniques. The closed technique is more limited in terms of amount and reach compared to the open technique. There are also some alternatives to the nose job that are less invasive such as using fillers to alter the shape and form of the nose but this method is usually not permanent. The filler may need to be regularly injected to maintain the altered appearance of the nose.

The Eyes
This region is yet another common area where plastic surgery is performed. There are several methods and techniques that can be used by the surgeon to improve or alter the appearance of the patient's eyes. Blepharoplasty is one common eye procedure to improve the appearance of either the upper or lower lids or both. For both regions, the puffiness and saggy skin are eliminated to give the patient a refreshed look around the eyes. Creating double eyelids is also another common eye operation.

Hair Transplants
A lot of people suffer from hair loss and baldness. Plastic surgery for the hair comes in the form of transplants. Traditional transplants used grafts and flaps to grow the necessary hair and to transplant the entire graft to the bald spot.