If you are struggling to make a decision to have a mastectomy because you fear losing your natural shape, then you need to talk with your doctor about having immediate breast reconstruction surgery. Thanks to this option, you do not have to worry about having adapting to a new figure. This procedure can be done right after your mastectomy. After a few months, you will be able to walk around as if nothing ever happened.

In many cases, you may still need to complete some sort of radiation therapy after you have had the tumor removed. It is recommended that you opt to have a immediate breast reconstruction surgery because it takes place on the same day as your mastectomy. Your skin tends to lose elasticity during radiation treatments so it is in your best interest to consider this option.

In order to increase your chances for having a successful operation, you need to screen your plastic surgeons before you pick one. That means that instead of assuming that the first surgeon you come across is capable of doing a good job, you want to be selective about who you have to reconstruct your breast. Think of it this way, you would not have an inexperienced or unproven mechanic work on your car, so why would you have a plastic surgeon you know nothing about work on your body? Take some time and choose the best surgeon for the job.

Keep in mind that in addition to choosing a plastic surgeon that specializes in immediate breast reconstruction surgery, you also need to make sure that your primary doctor approves of your decision and that it does not interfere with your health or treatment. While reconstructive surgery has minimal risks associated with it due to your compromised immune system and ongoing battle with a serious medical condition, you will need the approval of the doctor that is in charge of your care.

Your recovery after having immediate breast recovery surgery will be a little different than if you had a regular augmentation. Your plastic surgeon will provide you with instructions as to how you should care for yourself right afterwards. You will need to restrict your activities and attend any follow up visits that are required. Minimize the amount of discomfort you experience by taking all medication that has been prescribed to you by your surgeon as it is mandated.

If you have opted to have immediate breast reconstruction surgery and your surgeon grafts fat and tissues onto your chest, you may need to return at a later date to have the nipple completed. This is to make sure that your grafts are successful and to give them time to incorporate into their new location. Once you have finished recovering, you can enjoy the work your surgeon has done.