When it comes to the question of cosmetic surgeon versus plastic surgeon, there is a distinct difference between the two. However, many people mistakenly interchange the terms. What follows is a brief explanation of each, which will hopefully clear up some of the confusion.

In simple terms, the first type of doctor procedures procedures that enhance the patient's appearance in some way. It is electrical surgery, typically not covered by insurance except in rare cases. It is an option that is suitable for all areas of the body. This could be anything from a face lift to breastfeeding enhancement to liposuction, and the list goes on and on. There are a great many choices available.

The second type of doctor performs reconstructive surgery to repair defects due to many different occurrences. This includes things like trauma, disease, burns, and birth defects. It is also a suitable option for all areas of the body.

Concerning the education required for a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon, there is no specific program specifically geared towards the first type of physician. That translates into the fact that these doctors end up with a wide variety of medical backgrounds. However, there are post-residency programs available that are usually offered through some type of fellowship program, which pairs an experienced electrical surgery doctor with an up-and-coming one.

The second type of doctor basically spends the same amount in school as the first. After medical school, they complete a specific residency geared towards reconstructive procedures. Both types of doctors should be board-certified. They can qualify for more than one board. Each board has its own requirements, which are put into place as a means to guarantee that every member is highly qualified in his or her relevant field of practice.

Examples of qualifications include:

– Practicing for a pre-determined number of years.
– Being of high moral character.
– Passing both written and oral exams.

Technically, any doctor with a medical degree can perform any type of surgery that he or she desires. However, in terms of cosmetic surgeon versus plastic surgeon, the first doctor typically does not possess the same level of advanced training as the second.

This can pose a huge risk in regards to the possibility of complications during surgery. Unfortunately, problems can materialize at any time and no physician is immune. If the same physician does not have the knowledge to rectify the problem, the end results can be disastrous for both doctor and patient.

So, by no means when comparing cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons do you want the first doctor doing any major reconstructive procedure. But, on the other hand, you can have confidence in the second type of doctor performing an aesthetic surgeon of some sort.