One of the most popular alternatives to laser hair removal is electrolysis. But this option, coupled being very slow, can lead to many unwanted problems. Also, electrolysis is a complex procedure which requires a lot of time. The different methods for removing unwanted hair, which can be found today, are either traditional or modern. While some of these methods offer short term results, there are a few methods which can offer long term or permanent results and electrolysis is one such method.

In electrolysis treatment electric current is applied individually to each hair follicle, with the help of a thin needle. The electric current destroys the hair follicle because of which no hair grows in that part of your body. It is true that electrolysis offers permanent results, but it is also true that the process is difficult and very slow. It may require you to go through many sessions of this treatment, in order to destroy all the existing hair follicles.

Moreover, at present there are no standard guidelines to give technical accreditations in this field of treatment. It is therefore very difficult for potential patients to find a qualified and experienced professional who can perform this treatment.

Unlike electrolysis, which destroys each hair follicle individually, laser hair removal can focus on a large portion of your body and destroy all the hair in that part of the body. As this method allows covering a large area of ​​your body at a time, the total treatment time is reduced and people are able to get better results in only a few sessions.

Laser treatment does not cause any discomfort or skin lesions, unlike electrolysis which causes a lot of discomfort when the electricity is applied to the skin. It is also associated with serious risks such as electric shock, skin infection or occurrence of scars etc. The patients are not exposed to such type of risks in laser treatment.

These days, many people opt for home electrolysis kits to conduct the procedure on their own. While doing so, they often end up causing severe damage to their skin. It is advisable that people refrain from using such kits to perform the dangerous procedure on their own. Instead, they can opt for a more reliable method of treatment such as laser hair removal.

Thus, based on the above information, we can say that electrolysis is not as convenient as laser hair removal treatment.