The facelift procedure is one of the most common plastic surgery operations in the world today. The people who want to have it done as well as those who have had it done are usually those who are well past their fifties or those whose faces may have been regularly exposed to the sun without any protection, no matter what age. The plastic surgeons that will be doing the procedure have criteria and conditions that need to be met before they agree to do the operation. The criteria for both men and women are the same.


The surgeons who will do the facelift procedure usually assess the patient as well as ask them to undergo tests so they can determine whether the individual is a qualified candidate for the surgery. Doctors want their potential patient to be healthy, both physically and mentally before they commit to doing an operation. Physical health means that there should be no under medical conditions that can hamper the procedure or, if there are any, these should be well under control and the surgeon should be satisfied with the management of the condition. There are some diseases and conditions that negate the pursuit of the said procedure and the surgeons are obliged to decline the patient's desire to have the operation done in view of safety concerns for the patient.

Mental and emotional health points to the stability of the person when it comes to his state of mind, especially regarding the facelift procedure. Some patients have unrealistic views and expectations about the end results of the operation. It is not feasible to do the operation on people who thinks that it can change their world and their lives. Expectations that are too high can result in disappointment even though the result is the right one and the best that can be done in consideration of the situation. For some patients, the pain and discomfort may be something unexpected and they will be dissatisfied and disappointed when they experience it. Mentality unstable patients who have a history of mental illness and depression may not be suitable patients for the surgery. The result may not be what they expect it to be and they will become depressed as well as disturbed when they are not satisfied with what they see.

Smoking is also another factor that that makes a person unsuitable for the procedure. This lifestyle choice has chemical elements that decrease blood flow to the extremities and other parts of the body. This can grossly affect the results of the procedure as well as the mortality of the patient, which is why some doctors will not perform surgery on heavy smokers or they will assess smokers and recommend stopping for a few weeks before the facelift surgery is this can be done. Heavy alcohol drinkers may also be unsuitable for the operation. Alcohol can have a debilitating effect on one's reception of medication, which is dangerous when it comes to major surgery procedures.