1. Why should we avoid getting tanned before the sessions?

Our skin has a very high proportion of melanin. Tanning can increase the percentage of melanin in our skin. Such a condition significantly increases the risk of causing side effects such as burns or pigmentation disorders. Here, people are advised to avoid getting tanned before laser hair removal sessions. You should avoid jumping out in the sun or use adequate measures (sunscreen, umbrella etc.) to avoid getting tanned before your session begins. You should stay indoors as much as possible.

2. Why can not regular beauticians perform this treatment?

The equipment used in this treatment can only be operated by trained professionals who have undergone proper medical and technical training needed for conducting laser hair removal treatments. Regular beauticians are not trained or qualified to operate such equipments and due to risk involved in the procedure, laser treatments are only conducted under the supervision of a physician. This is why, you are advised to approach only those skin and laser clinics which employs trained and qualified dermatologists for conducting all kinds of laser treatments.

3. Can I remain discreet while opting for this treatment?

As laser hair removal treatments are conducted by trained medical professionals (dermatologists), the rules of doctor – patient confidentiality are followed by the clinics. Here, your information will remain safe and will not be disclosed to any unauthorized personnel. Without you agree, the clinic or the doctor will not disclose the details of your treatment to any 3rd party. However, such rules of professionalism will only be followed by those clinics which are recognized and reliable. Here, you should only opt for a trusted and reliable clinic to avail of such treatment.

4. Will I be allowed to change my dermatologist during the course of the treatment?

Each individual is free to choose his or her doctor and this principle also applies to the field of cosmetic treatment. You can change your dermatologist at any time you want, even during the course of the treatment. However, few of the clinics may not provide you with this option given the fact that they do not have more than trained dermatologist working for them. Here, the question of changing the dermatologist does not even arise. This is why, it is recommended that you wisely choose the clinic for getting laser hair removal treatment.

People are recommended not to change the dermatologist during the course of the treatment, to avoid unnecessary complications.