In a consumer climate where clients expect the greatest transformation in appearance in as few steps as possible, each plastic surgeon has to be diligent in their education, up to date on the latest techniques, and efficient with the tools of their specialty. Many men and women are gaining a greater dependence on cosmetic procedures to recapture a more youthful look or smoother contours, or even to revise parts of their body they were never happy with.

The procedures that will help patients achieve their aesthetic goals are five of the most popular procedures of the past fifteen years. These procedures include those that make the greatest impact on not only a patient's appearance but their self-esteem as well. These cosmetic surgeries are liposuction, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and any one of the many forms of the face lift procedure. Some men and women opt for one significant alteration while others choose as many as possible for a full body makeover.

Within each cosmetic specialty is a myriad of associated procedures that support the revisions and augmentation that will compliment a patient's body type. There are different techniques that a plastic surgeon can employ to bring about effective results for different body types. Surgeons also have different preferences of tools that use dependent upon the patient's condition for each procedure.

First, there are so many forms of the face lift because not all patients need a full lift so the mini lift, quadrant procedures, liquid lifts and implantation have become substitutes for youngger patients who have graduated sagging or require plumbing rather than lifting.

Second, the rhinoplasty procedure can be performed by cutting into the nasal bridge or nostrils to access the bone or botox can be used to implement shape improvements.

Third, the liposuction procedure can now be as invasive or non-invasive as possible. With a numbing spray and a few injections the fat can be heated and dissolved for results in a week or two.

Forth, the tummy tuck procedure has three different variations by nature to accommodate the different ways that abdominal fat and extra skin can affect different men and women.

And lastly, the breast augmentation procedure, which can use a patient's natural tissue, tissue from a donor or a variety of synthetic implant fill solutions, helps create the size, shape, and height of patient desires. That is the goal in any plastic surgeon performing a procedure, to help the patient achieve a realistic version of their ideal physical self.