When asked about the goals of cosmetic surgery, many people assume that they are mainly focused on appearance. However, many procedures have benefits that stretch beyond just aesthetics to have a positive impact on a person's physical health and emotional well-being.

1. Breathing

In many cases, a “nose job” or rhinoplasty actually helps to alleviate respiratory issues. By correcting a deviated septum and opening the airways, patients enjoy relief from a variety of breathing issues, from sleep apnea and snoring to allergies and asthma.

Any surgery that reduces the weight transported by the body, such as liposuction or breast reduction, will also improve breathing in many cases. Better breathing, in turn, brings more oxygen into the bloodstream and causes improvements in every system, from circulatory to immune to digestive.

2. Posture

Procedures like breast reduction, liposuction, and tummy tucks often result in better posture. Maintaining a proper posture has wide-ranging benefits on the body, including:

– Relief from neck, back, and shoulder pain
– Stress relief
– Increased organ function and efficiency
– Improved energy, mood, and memory

The social implications of posture return to the animal kingdom, where “posturing” or “posing” demonstrates authority and ownership. People associate posture with confidence, health, and leadership, and are naturally drawn to these qualities.

3. Heart Health

Liposuction or breast reduction patients are also taking steps towards improving their cardiovascular systems. There is a direct correlation between reduced weight and reduced chance of high blood pressure or a heart attack. The previously mentioned better breathing and posture can improve heart health as well.

4. Psychological Well-Being

While it seems like an obvious conclusion that when people look better, they feel better, the implications go further than one would guess.

Many people who seek out cosmetic surgery do so not only to alter their aesthetic beauty, but also to remedy the cause of a secondary issue. For example, lifting drooping eyelids can expand a patient's field of vision. Correcting a malformation on an ear can result in better hearing. A patient with scarring or skin discoloration, who may go to great lengths to cover their skin at the expense of heat or social interaction, can immediately enjoy the benefits of treatments that are often minimally invasive. After years of altering a lifestyle to fit a skin condition, the freedom from that condition can have an overwhelmingly positive effect on a patient.

When body issues are alleviated with cosmetic surgery, patients can focus their attention on more important things. Many people report reduced stress levels, which also positively impact the immune and other systems. Self-esteem and emotional wellness have a significant, but often underestimated, impact on our personal, social, and professional lives.

The most important thing to look for when considering cosmetic surgery is finding a doctor with what you feel comfortable discussing which options are right for you. Your doctor should discuss appropriate expectations, answer your questions, and support you as you work to achieve your goal.