As with any type of surgery, recovering from breast augmentation surgery is a different experience for everyone. Since the results in terms of improving body image are instantaneous and gratifying it is a popular choice among many women. Below are some helpful tips to help you recover from breast augmentation surgery as comfortable as possible.

1. Keep Using Ice: Many women find that icing the area helps them stay comfortable but they often do not keep up with regular ice. It is generally agreed upon that icing the area for about 20 minutes then removing the ice for about 40 minutes every hour is ideal. Be sure to lay the ice pack over clothing or a towel, though, as it should not contact skin directly.

2. Take Enough Time: Be sure to take enough time off of work or other commitments to fully recover. Listen to the advice of your doctor and plan to take off the amount of time he or she recommends. Most women are able to go back to work after just a few days but it is important not to overdo it and cause any discomfort.

3. Remain at an Angle: As with any sort of injury, it is helpful to keep it elevated. While it may seem difficult to elevate your breasts it is helpful to sit up and even to sleep at an incline. This helps to reduce any sort of swelling and in term decrees the severity of pain that some women experience.

4. Wear a Compression Bra: This is one of the most important steps to recover from this surgery. Your doctor will tell you to wear a special bra and it really makes a world of difference for most women. This bra is designed to help the tissue and skin heal effectively and also keep you more comfortable. Most women wear the bra for up to four weeks but doctors' recommendations vary.

5. Treat the Scars: Most likely there will be very little scarring after breast augmentation surgery. However, there may be a small scar that requires treatment in order to cover it up and keep it healthy. Talk to your doctor because different doctors may offer different advice but generally using some sort of scar reduction cream is recommended.

6. Relieve the Pain: Be sure to take any medication that your doctor prescribes for pain. Other medications can be purchased to address any discomfort as well. Getting plenty of rest and remaining healthy otherwise in terms of eating well and drinking plenty of liquid will make everything heal faster too.