Laser hair removal is the most popular method of permanently getting rid of unwanted body hair. Men and women of all ages prefer this method to other available methods of hair removal. In general, this treatment is considered as safe and some researchers even suggest that it can even be performed on children under the age of 16. These days, people are very conscious about the way they look, even when they are carrying a child. Thus, it is of no surprise that there are many pregnant women who would also like to avail of this method of getting rid of unwanted hair.

What does the evidence say?

There has never been an article published in any medical journal or magazine reporting an adverse effect of the laser treatment during pregnancy. No malformation or abnormality of the fetus has ever been reported. Here, we do not have any definitive data or research which can let us know if this particular treatment will be safe for pregnant women or not. There are many doctors who suggest that it is completely safe for women who are expecting. On the other hand, we also have equal number of doctors who suggest that the procedure could be risky for women who are pregnant.

What can we recommend?

As we do not have any data to support either of the claims, we prefer to remain neutral and cautious. We recommend that it is better to avoid the treatment during such a phase when your body is going through a lot of changes. Laser hair removal treatment follows a process called selective photothermolysis in which particles of light, photons are used to destroy hair pigments known as melanin. The procedure can have quite a few side-effects including swelling of the skin. As the body is very vulnerable, it is advisable that women avoid this treatment when they are pregnant.

Also, during pregnancy many the body of a woman goes through a lot of hormonal changes. Some of these changes can affect the growth of hair in the body as well. If the hair starts growing at a faster rate than usual, laser hair removal treatment sessions may not even be effective. Thus, it may result in waste of time, effort, money and other resources. If you are a woman who is expecting, it is advisable that you wait till childbirth, before staring any laser hair removal treatment. It will be best for you and your child.