The size of the breast in accordance with the body is a major issue related to the femininity issue of any women and hence many women these days willfully go for breast augmentation. This can be defined as a general process to provide fullness and volume to the breasts. According to augmentation and implant surgery expert doctor silicone implants are the best form of such augmentation. But there has been an even older and tested method of increasing the volume of the breast and this method is called fat injections into the organ. However, opting for any kind of surgery is not a easy decision. so before going for any of the mentioned methods of augmentation surgeries there are a few facts that one must be well aware of. Evaluate your pros and cons before you make a decision on whether to proceed for the same.

Some Important Know-How About Breast Augmentation methods

· Fat injection to the breasts has been in vogue for almost 100 years and is one of the oldest methods of increasing the volume of the breast. The fat injected in the breasts are usually natural fat which is taken through lipo-suction method from the areas like buttocks, thighs, lower abdomen areas and particularly those areas where there has been an excess accumulation of natural fat. With improved methods these days, it has been found that fat injections have the minimal incisions during the procedure in comparison to other breast augmentation methods. Here there is hardly any question of scarring.

· Silicone implants and saline implants are the two methods of breastfeeding enhancement and this has been widely popular and while the former has saline water filled implants inserted in the breasts, for the later silicone gel is used. The later method is more popular as there is less likelihood of a leakage.

· It must be known that sagging breasts can be a problem that is coupled with smaller breast size. Here most breastfeeding augmentation and implant surgery expert doctor and surgeons are of the opinion that it better to go for breast lift surgery before and then go for fat injections into breasts.

· Many times despite being a successful breast implant surgery patients complain that their breasts may feel like natural but does not look so. In these cases fat injections into breastfeeding specifically through the method of fat grafting to breasts are connected to conceal the unnatural look of breast implant surgeries.