Even a couple of decades back we could hardly imagine the good thing that could happen to us on account of technologies. But plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery has provided the fact that technologies can indeed bring instant changes to our body. One such technology is liposuction. Here I am implying the plastic surgery and liposuction techniques. Both have received an immense amount of boost up recently from the number ofventions that have taken place in the field.

Ultrasonic Liposuction – What does it mean?

Ultrasonic Liposuction means removal of unwanted fat from unwanted places with the help of ultrasonic energy. As the energy is transmitted through the fatty or the subcutaneous layers of our body, when a pressure is created which helps to get rid of the accumulated fats. This is an extremely new awareness and technology that is being used both by surgeons and patients today. Here, such a technology must only be availed of by patients when they are confident of their surgeon hand and medical successes of the surgeon in the field.

As of now because ultrasonic liposuction is a much unheard of or unused term, here's a brief introduction to it.

There are two kinds of Ultrasonic liposuction that exists and can be availed of by patients. One the internal ultrasonic liposuction which involves a metal rod being inserted through an incision on the skin and the ultrasonic energy being delivered directly to the skin and two, the external ultrasonic liposuction which delivers the ultrasonic energy to the subcutaneous fat with the help of a paddle shaped material to an overlying skin. Needless to say, both the procedures are not without their unwanted risks.

Risks Involved in Ultrasound Liposuction Surgeries: Know the Facts Before You Proceed

· Burns and blisters can happen in this kind of surgery if not connected through expert hands. This may occur in case of accidents from the end of the surgery if the tip of the cannula touches the skin.

· Blood clots may take place due to the fact that the temperature of the blood vessels may rise up.

· A cavity filled with serum of the skin is often formed which is called seroma. It is not very harmful but there is discomfort created in the body due to this.

· There may be a prolonged period of numbness that is often felt which may be a result of nerve injuries.

So gauge all your options before you proceed for the same.