Attractive faces in women are generally characterized by high cheekbones. When these two points of the face create an equivalent triangle with the chin, this is referred to as the Triangle of Beauty. This creates balanced proportions and symmetry that result in what others perceive as a beautiful face. Not everyone is born with the genes for having high cheekbones. However, surgical implants can help create this end result. Non surgical cheek lift procedures are also available for those who do not want surgery.

Celebrities and Cheek Fillers

Many aging celebrities choose dermal fillers to lift and augment their cheekbones. Since they are also losing fulness in their faces, these injections can help replenish lost volume.

Our media driven society adulates high beauty standards. For many people, it is often not enough to just accept their natural and unique beauty. And this may be why some people will have their doctors inject large amounts of fillers in their attempts to reach perfection.

However, real beauty is about balance and what looks flattering for a particular person. It can not be achieved by replicating someone else's features. Onlookers can easily spot a face that looks articificial.

Non Surgical Cheek Lift Outcomes Need To Be Subttle

It is ironic how many patients who are not famous are able to achieve natural looking and acceptable results through non-invasive cheek lift procedures.

Before and after pictures of these individuals often show in improvement in the way they look. However it does not look strange or conspicuous.

Obviously, less filler was administered. Also, the doctor needs to be strategic about how to achieve a natural looking result. To accentuate the cheek bone contour, it is important to use an injectable that can approximate the effect of bone tissue. This can be done with a calcium based filler like Radiesse to enhance the structure of the face.

For adding volume, it may be best to restore the nasolabial folds instead of just adding more filler to the cheeks. These folds tend to become due due to volume loss.

As another tip, it is probably wiser to start with minimal amounts of filler on the first session. Then wait a few days to evaluate the results. Additional visits can be arranged to supplement the output. Structuring procedures in this way allows the patient to see their results objectively and to get feedback from other people.

If you are thinking about getting a non surgical cheek lift, discuss these possible strategies with your doctor. Try to find pictures of results you like and images of results you want to avoid. This will help clarify your objectives with your physician