Top 10 Reasons People Give for Having Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is not just for the rich and famous, although it looks more and more if you're rich, and in the spotlight, you've had work done. ” The tabloids LOVE it when a celebrity gets work done. ” OMG did you notice that Cameron Diaz has less smile lines around her eyes?

But the practice of altering one's appearance is only one aspect of plastic surgery.

“Plastic” does not refer to the substance used in manufacturing toys. If you have plastic surgery, you will not end up having any foreign substances in your body (with the exception of augmentation). The word reiter to its origins. The Greek plastikos means to form or to mold – in other words, to change.

Before we get into the reasons people give, I have categorized the types of plastic surgery into reconstructive and cosmetic; there's a bit of overlap, as some reconstructive surgeries can be considered cosmetic and vice versa.

Reconstructive or Reconstructive / Cosmetic?

1. Accidents can leave people scarred or deformed. Car wrecks, workplace mishaps, lab experiments gone wrong, falling, animal bites, burns, sports, etc. wreak havoc on the body and sometimes both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery is necessary.

2. Birth defects and birthmarks such as cleft lips, ear deformities and skeletal deformities can cause sever physical and emotional handicaps. Reconstructive surgery – often a series of surgeries done as the person grows – corrects birth defects and restores normal functioning and appearance.

3. Cancer. Reconstructive breast surgery is common among women who have undergone a mastectomy. Although the procedure is not necessary from a medical standpoint, it helps ease psychological trauma.

Cosmetic or Reconstructive / Cosmetic?

1. Massive weight loss . A person who has lost a huge amount of weight quickly will have a lot of excess skin that refuses to shrink. Removing the excess skin is a way to correct the appearance of the damage caused by obesity.

2. Vanity / Self esteem / Self-image . People love to judge others for getting cosmetic surgery. This is a fine line … there's really no difference between altering one's appearance using makeup, fake nails, fake eyelashes and using more permanent methods like plastic surgery. If it makes you happy and it doesnt hurt anyone, there's nothing wrong with it. Boob jobs, nose jobs, tummy tucks and butt lifts may seem frivolous to some but can make all the difference in the world to someone who suddenly feels beautiful – or handsome – many men get “work” done too!

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures like laser hair removal, skin sanding / laser peels to remove scarring, lasers to remove birthmarks and using Botox to relax certain facial muscles also fall under “self-improvement through medical procedures”.

Not all women want to go bigger. Some are blessed, or cursed, depending on their point of view, with an overabundance of breast tissue. This can cause pain, deep shoulder ruts from bra straps digging in and accessibility to participate in sports. In some cases it's medically warranted, in others it's vanity. Even men get breast reductions. Moobs are out! Add or subtract, the ultimate objective is to make a person happy and capable to function in life the way they want.

Plastic Surgery Controversy

One area of ​​controversy surrounding plastic surgery is an increased use among teens. Some want birthmarks removed; others hate their noses and others are severely scarred from acne. Breast augmentation is usually not allowed until a woman is over 18, and procedures such as nose jobs need to wait until the person has stopped growing (late teens). Doctors screen teens to be sure the teen is mature and responsible enough to undergo the surgery and that they're doing it for the right reasons (looking like their favorite movie star is not accepted as a reason).

“Why I did it” surveys vary by demographic. Hollywood stars will tell you that it's an essential career move while anyone who has had a severe accident will tell you that it's for health reasons. In no particular order, the Top 10 reasons are:

1. Turn back the hands of time

2. Look like a beauty, not a beast

3. Look smokin 'hot (sometimes like a person one admires)

4. Erase mistakes (like scars due to an overzealous sense of immortality)

5. Get rid of too much “me”

6. Make more of “me” in the right places

7. To make my partner happy ( WRONG REASON !!! )

8. To fix what's broken (reconstructive surgery)

9. To make sex better (because I'll look and feel sexier)

10. To be happy with my looks (comfortable in my own skin)

Whatever your reasons, weigh the options carefully, realize that any surgery presents risks, and that the results may cover up a bigger problem. Definitely do not have plastic surgery to please your partner. You are who you are, not a clay model for someone to play with. Respect yourself and be true to who you are.

If plastic surgery will make you feel like a beauty and not a beast and you feel in your heart that it's the right course of action, then do your research, find a reputable surgeon and let the transformations begin!

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Significant Points About a Breast Lift

A breast lift, referred to also as a mastopexy, is a form of cosmetic surgery that raises and firms the bosom. It does this by the removal of excess skin. Once the unnecessary skin is taken away from the chest, the surrounding tissue is then tightened and is reshaped by the doctor. This process will support the new contour of the breast. Having this procedure will enhance your appearance if the upper half of your body has dropped and no longer looks as if it is situated where it once was.

Over the course of time, a woman's breasts change. The youthful firmness and shape that you once enjoyed can disappear. In its place, you can be left with droopy and sagging breasts that suffer from a loss of skin elasticity. This can occur as a result of fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, heredity, and gravity.

In some females, the areolas get bigger as they get older. Having a breast lift will improve this situation as well. The mastopexy procedure will rejuvenate and renew your figure. It will provide your bosom profile with an uplifted and younger appearance that is sure to please you.

What you must know straight away is that breast lift surgery does not significantly modify the size of your bosom, nor will it round out the upper portion of the bosom. If you yearn for fuller, voluminous breasts you may wish to have a mastopexy as well as augmentation. If on the other hand, you feel that your chest is too big, considering having the lift procedure with a reduction operation.

This is an individualized cosmetic procedure that if you decide to have it, you should do it for yourself and not to please someone else. Do your research first and if you feel it is an operation that would suit you well, go for it.

A breast lift is a viable option for the female patient who is physically healthy and has maintained a stable weight for an extended period of time. It is also the right choice for the woman who is bothered by sagging breasts that have lost their volume and shape. If your chest is flatter, is pendulous looking, or has an elongated shape, you may make an eligible candidate. Having realistic expectations about the procedure is important. It is also recommended that a person who decides to have this operation does not smoke.

If after your take your brassiere off, your nipples drop below the crease in your bosom, this may be a suitable procedure that will strengthen your upper body. If your nipples and your areolas point in a downward direction or if you have enlarged areolas or stretched skin across your bosom, a breast lift could improve your figure. If one of your breasts hangs lower than the other, a mastopexy will give you back the uplifted look that you once had.

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The Many Faces of Plastic Surgeons

One of the most popular ways to change your looks today is having some type of cosmetic surgery performed on some part of your body. This can be both done for cosmetic purposes or for medical purposes as the result of an accident or a deformity from birth. If you need to change something about yourself, schedule consultations with plastic surgeons to see what is recommended for you.

First, there are many misconceptions about exactly what plastic surgeons do. Many people think that it is always done only for vain purposes. This is not always the case, however, as they not only perform face lifts and breast surgeries, but also procedures that correct birth defects or the results of a debilitating accident.

One type of procedure that plastic surgeons perform is reconstructive. When a person has an accident, the physician will often refer you to one for a consultation to see what he can do to restore you to a pre-accident look and reduce the amount of scarring that occurs. Sometimes, even breast reductions are performed for health purposes, because if they are too large, they could result in chronic back soreness.

Plastic surgeons do perform enhancement surgeries for patients who want to change portions of their bodies for vanity reasons and the most popular one is performed on the breasts. Other surgeries that are often performed for cosmetic purposes only are tummy tucks, nose jobs, and liposuction.

Other reasons that a person would consider having cosmetic procedure performed is to reduce the signs of aging. These procedures are usually performed on the lines and wrinkles on faces and tighten the skin on the face and neck. There are facelifts, brow lifts, and resurfacing of the skin to get rid of age spots and the wrinkles that come with the natural effects of time.

Adults are not the only ones that sometimes need some type of cosmetic surgery to correct problems, children may need them as well. Some children are born with certain defects that they need to have corrected. These correctable problems include a cleft palate, deformities of the hand of face, or unsightly birthmarks or spots.

If you desire to join the ranks of plastic surgeons, you will be required to go through several years of school and post graduate school, but the pay off is well worth the extra time and expense. You should expect an annual income of between $ 250,000 and $ 450,000, depending on what part of the country you live in.

Pursuing a career as a cosmetic surgeon can be rewarding in many ways. If you work hard and are willing to be patient with the schooling, your dreams can come true.

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Preparation and Recuperation Guide for Tummy Tuck Patients

A tummy tuck can leave you with a firmer and toner abdominal region that you will be proud to show off at the beach. When it is time for summer fashions, you will feel refreshed, relaxed, and confident knowing that your midsection looks a great deal better than it did the summer before!

In preparation for the operation, talk with the surgeon. All of the medication you are currently on should be documented in your file at his office. Any meds you take regularly need to be known to the doctor. This includes both prescription medication as well as over-the-counter drugs such as ibuprofen. Even vitamin and mineral supplements need to be noted in your file. If you are not taking anything at all, that makes the preparation phase for the abdominoplasty simple and easy for you.

The reason that you need to dislose all medications and to stop taking them ahead of time is for health reasons. To reduce the risk of bleeding, aspirin products such as Advil and supplements need to be discontinued two to four weeks before the tummy tuck. Blood clots are more common to those who smoke or take estrogen hormones. Stop taking hormones and quit the nicotine habit at least four weeks ahead of having the surgery. Those who seldom take any type of medication do not have to worry about these issues.

If you regularly participate in conditioning exercises such as yoga, Pilates, or aerobic exercises, by all means keep doing what you are doing. The same goes for swimming and weight training. Any type of exercise that strengthens your body will enable it to heal from the tummy tuck at a faster rate. Physical activity makes the body more resilient and stronger when it comes to traumas that it encounters.

In the weeks leading up to the tummy tuck, you should include as much protein in your diet as you can. A higher content of protein means eating foods such as eggs, lean chicken, fish, and beans. You might even want to buy or make your own protein shakes. Protein is a building block for the body and it plays an active role in supporting healing.

Smoking, as stated above, should be halted for at least one month before the procedure takes place. Smoking adversely affects the body's ability to recuperate and it increases the likelihood that complications will arise during or after the procedure.

If you take oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy, including such products as topical creams or vaginal estrogen creams, you need to stop taking them for at least a month ahead of the abdominoplasty procedure and a month afterwards. To focus on healing properly, you need to prepare before you find yourself on the operating table. Once you are prepared, you can then get excited about what your new firmer is going to look like!

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Try a Brow Lift for a Tired and Sagging Forehead

A brow lift can brighten your face by opening up the eye area and making it pop in a good way. Also sometimes referred to as a browplasty or a forehead lift, this operation can raise the eyebrows and allow for a youthful and alert look. It can also improve frown lines and reposition a brow that is low and sagging. Another purpose of this facial cosmetic procedure is to minimizeize creases that have developed high on the bridge of the nose or have etched themselves into the forehead.

If the aging process is starting to show itself in your face, a forehead and brow lift can bring you back to a younger period of your life. The top portion of the face that often is the first to show the telltale signs of aging. The facial skin starts to lose the elasticity that keeps it looking firm and toned. Gravity can pull down the skin, as can wind and sun damage. The result of this is a heavy appearance to the eyebrow area, wrinkles that appear across the forehead and frown lines.

Some people's skin does not age as fast as others. This is often related to genes and the type of lifestyle an individual subscribes to. Some people may not decide to get a brow lift until they are in their 50's or 60's, while others may feel that they are ready for one in their 30's or 40's. Sometimes aging in this region of the face can be misconstrued. Others may think that a drooping brow makes you look tired, angry, or sad. If your forehead has developed a heavy feeling to it and it has begun to sag, it may be time to think about having this procedure. The same can be said if you always look exhausted or if the skin from your eyebrows is actually beginning to affect your vision.

A facial plastic surgeon will examine your face and will provide recommendations for you. The surgical procedure is not a difficult one at all. It will leave you looking and feeling refreshed and younger. It will also chase the tired, worn out look away for good!

There are options when it comes to forehead lifting. The placement of the incision is what needs to be determined upon before the date for the operation can be set. The newest and most modern approach is known as endoscopic surgery. The surgeon makes several small incisions that are positioned behind the hairline. A scope is used to perform the procedure. For the ideal candidate for a browplasty, this procedure offers a faster recuperation process, as well as a lesser degree of scarring and numbness.

There are other techniques that can be employed by doctors as well. Longer incisions lift the eyebrows. The cosmetic surgeon will let you know what location would be most appropriate for you after examining your face and discussing the situation with you.

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Preparing for a Facelift: Healing and Recovery

You gaze in the mirror at a face that used to look young, bright, and vibrant. However, you look tired and drained of energy. Your skin is giving into the effects of gravity. You have considered other means of improving and enhancing your facial skin but feel what would work best is to get a facelift. You want sagging skin to be a part of your past.

Many cosmetic surgery patients, who opt to get a lift for their faces, focus on the procedure itself but do not give much thought to the recovery and healing period. Every stage of the facelift process is important. You must observe the correct preparations in the days and weeks leading up the cosmetic procedure. You will be in good hands with the doctor who implements the operation on you, and he will let you know everything that will take place while you are under general anesthesia.

You want your recovery period to be as relaxed, calm, and comfortable as it can be. Be aware that healing takes time and requires patience. As you recuperate, there may be moments when you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused. You may even question why you decided to have the operation. During those times, take a breath and realize that you will soon be feeling better when you see the results of your new face!

Give yourself ample time to recover from the trauma of the procedure. While a facelift is not the same type of surgery as an operation on your heart or other major organs, it is still major surgery. As a result, the healing process must occur in its own way.

Plan ahead to have time off to allow your face to properly cope with the after-effects of the surgical procedure. Find out from your place of employment if you are able to use vacation days to undergo the facelift. Figure out the financial side of things if you must take unpaid leave. The less stress you have as you are getting back to normal, the better that will be for your recovery. If you know that your income and expenses have been taken care of before you arrive for your scheduled procedure, you will have less to worry about. Your body can concentrate on healing and not on worrying.

For your recuperation, pain medication may be required. Find out from your primary care doctor or the cosmetic surgeon what prescription or over-the-counter drugs you should have at the ready when you come home from the clinic or hospital. Being prepared for the possibility of pain can go a long way in helping you heal.

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Getting a Mini Facelift to Enhance Your Visage

If you want a facelift, there are several different types that you can pick from. The Internet is an excellent resource in helping you to read up on the procedures and get a clear vision of which one would be most suitable for your face. Many websites feature information about how the operation is done, who would make an eligible candidate for it, pre-and post-operative concerns, and approximately how much the cosmetic procedure costs. One type of rhytidectomy that is very popular is the mini.

A mini facelift is not an intensive as the full lift. This procedure involves more basic work than the aforementioned full rhytidectomy. One area of ​​the face is altered and not the entire face. The recuperation period for this procedure is not as long and the swelling and discomfort that companies will not be as difficult to cope with. The cost will be less but the result will be amazing. This procedure is for those who have a few imperfections that mar the look of their visage but do not feel the need for a complete alteration of facial skin.

A mini facelift would be a good choice for the patient who wants to eliminate the appearance of crow's feet around their eyes. A few injections strategically placed will plump up the area and get rid of the undesirable lines. The result of this will be a brighten eye region that will allow the patient to look younger and more well rested. In most cases, this procedure can be done without the need for invasive surgery, which means a faster healing period.

You may not have issues with lines near the skin of your eyes but instead it may be lines around your mouth that has gotten you feeling distracted. If laugh lines have developed around your mouth and you want them gone, a mini facelift will do the trick nicely. The right procedure will smooth out the lines and wrinkles in the facial skin that surrounds your mouth and will leave you with a toned up appearance.

This procedure is not invasive in how it is carried out, which means that there is no risk of permanent scarring. As well, the recuperation period will not take long at all. Before you know it you will be able to see the successful results of your new look!

One important point to bear in mind if you are contemplating a mini facelift is that the definitions to your appearance are not permanent and therefore you will likely need to have a refresher lift sometimes in the future. However, if you decide to have a surgical lift, the results will be permanent. Speak with a cosmetic surgeon about the aspects of your facial skin that trouble you and see what he has to recommend to you in his professional opinion.

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Figuring Out the Real Cost of a Facelift

Cosmetic surgery is costly, but it is worth it for the appearance enhancing benefits it has to offer you. No matter what age you currently are, if your face is no longer one you want to glance at in the mirror, a facelift might be an option worth considering.

There is much anticipation at the thought of what a facelift could do for your look, but you should also contemplate the financial side. It helps to do some research over the internet before you start consulting with various cosmetic surgeons. Knowing the approximate the cost of a rhytidectomy will help you determine whether you can afford the operation at the present time or in the future.

Once you start visiting with surgeons, you will find out about how much the facelift you want will cost. You can discuss methods of payment and budget accordingly if it is determined that you are an eligible candidate for the operation.

As you calculate the true cost of having work done on your face, you need to know that there are other expenses associated with having this procedure. There are doctor's fees that must factor into the total price tag. These vary from one surgeon to another. If the topic of these charges does not come up at your initial visit, broach the topic yourself.

There are also fees for the anesthesia since the anesthesiologist needs to get paid too. Inquire about these fees and add that to the amount you have already calculated for the lift and the surgeon's charges. It would be wise to write all of this information down. In fact, take a notebook with you to the surgeon's office, so you can jot down all of the pertinent information.

Follow-up visits must also be something you will have to think about. During the recuperation period for the facelift, you will need to return to the operating physician to make sure that your healing is progressing in the way it is provided to. If your health insurance covered your cosmetic procedure, it will probably cover the consequent visits. However, these operations are generally not covered by insurance, which means that the follow-up appointments would not be covered either. Expect to have at least six to eight appointments after the rhytidectomy.

Incidentals cost money, so add those into the total cost. There are always little extras and matters that will come up that you may not be expecting. The incidentals may include special foods and beverages that you want during your recovery phase, as well as antibiotics and pain medication. To be on the safe side with the money you will be spending on the cosmetic facial operation, add approximately 10 percent to the estimated total for the extras.

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Learning the Difference Between Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Surgeons

Plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are often talked about as if they were the same. In fact the terms are generally used interchangeably. Before you decide you want to have surgery of a plastic or cosmetic nature, you need to learn the difference between these two medical specialists.

Plastic surgeons perform reconstructive work on their patients. They are also qualified to do aesthetic surgery. Cosmetic specialists are only qualified to do the latter.

Reconstructive operations are undertaken to restore a part of the face or body that is damaged or abnormal. It could have related to a congenital defect or it may be connected to an accident or trauma that the individual suffered. Some of the reconstructive procedures that plastic surgeons do save limbs, while others are needed to save the function of a certain body part. These surgeries are covered by health insurance plans because they are deemed as medically necessary for the life and health of the person.

Aesthetic surgery, also more commonly referred to as cosmetic surgery, is a procedure that is performed to improve or enhance a body part or feature of the face that is normal but does not look like the patient wants it to. These operations are elective in nature, which is to say that they are not required to save an individual's life. Most of the time, insurance providers do not cover aesthetic operations because they are not medically necessary. Both of the types of procedures, reconstructive and aesthetic, can do their part to improve the quality of an individual's life by helping to increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

Cosmetic doctors spend their workdays performing aesthetic procedures only. They do not work on patients injured in fires or car accidents. Cosmetic practitioners enhance regions of the body that have a normal shape to them and function normally. If a person has a bump on the nose that is unsightly but the individual is able to breathe properly, this is a job for an aesthetic medical provider. Any time a rhinoplasty is done to make a normal functioning nose look more appealing, it is considered aesthetic and not reconstructive.

Approximately 200 plastic surgeons are produced at major academic medical institutions across the nation on an annual basis. These professionals look for a reserve position right out of medical school. The programs they participate in are known as independent programs or integrated programs. Once in these programs, training in both plastic surgery procedures and general surgery takes place. Residents learn how to perform both reconstruction as well as cosmetic procedures at this step in their schooling.

The doctor completes their residency in a specialty and then applies for a fellowship in his field of study. As a fellow, further study on reconstructive and aesthetic practices takes place.

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Top Reasons to Go for a Breast Lift Surgery

What are the main reasons women choose breast surgery?

First of all, you should know that breasts change form naturally in all women due to a number of factors like age, heredity or giving birth. In fact, these are probably the most common reasons women choose to go for a breast enlargement operation.

After giving birth certain hormones and chemicals in the body lead to changes in the shape of a woman's breasts and breastfeeding too has an impact on breasts. This is probably the main reason women choose to undergo breast enlargement reshaping and enlargement surgery after giving birth.

Because no one is born with the same features except maybe identical twins, many women find that their breasts are not ideal simply because of the way they were born. Heredity is that another main reason why women choose to correct form and size of their breasts with surgery.

Needles to say, we all age and feel we should improve our looks to resemblance those of younger age. Because of the impact years have on a woman's breasts this is probably the third most common reason women go to the surgeon and decide to undergo breast surgery.

Whatever your reason might be considering breastfeeding enlargement surgery, it is advisable to talk to your therapist as well as your surgeon in consideration detail and depth about this life changing decision.

What to consider when selecting a breast augmentation plastic surgeon ?

Start by looking for an efficient and highly skilled medical professional team. This is crucial because only a legitimate and well trained practicer can understand your requirement and accordingly provide a customized plan. Arrange for an appointment and seek practical guidance. You can ask for the advantages and disadvantages of breast implant so that you are aware of the effects of implants.

Inquire in details regarding the types of breast implants you can choose. There are three types of implants- regular silicon implants, saline implants and gunny bear implants. On an average, the breast implant is one of the best methods to redefine the contour of your chest. Gel breast implants are cohesive silicon gels that although feels soft to touch, are firm and strong. Therefore, even if the pad is fractured there is almost no chance of leakage. Consult an expert to understand the pros and cons of an implant.

Also, before you agree to undergo surgery it is best to inquire about the package, operation charges and insurance cover on your breast implant policy. You can also ask for a demo video of breast implants and get to see the results before settling on surgery dates with the surgeon.

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Personal Responsibilities After Lap-Band Surgery

One of the most impactful weight loss surgery operations is the lap-band procedure. Along with improving people's overall health and well-being, it also helps them to feel much better about themselves and improves their self-confidence. With that being said, people should not think that just because they get lap-band surgery that they will no longer have any responsibilities when it comes to their health. There are things they must still do during the aftermath, to ensure that the extra weight does not come back and that they maintain their healthy status.

First of all, people must make sure that they change their diets. There are some people who eat junk food almost every single day. Then, there are those who may cook their own food, but they do not use any healthy recipes or ingredients. Both of these habits have a negative impact on people's weight. Now, completely changing a diet is not necessarily the easiest thing in the world. In fact, this is one of the toughest tasks for some people when it comes to weight loss. So, expecting people do make such a drastic change after their procedure is not always feasible. Therefore, instead of waiting until after the procedure, people should make some of those changes beforehand. That way, the transition will be much easier and smoother.

In order to keep the weight off after lap-band surgery, people should also remember to exercise on a regular basis. This does not mean that they have to wake up at 6 am every morning and go running for an hour, followed by an hour-long visit to the local fitness center. Now, if they have the time and ability to do so, that's great. However, this is not really necessary, as long as they make it a point to incorporate some physical activity into their day. This could include a brisk walk in the park or even squats before bed. This physical activity, coupled with their healthy diet is sure to make a difference.

Now, this does not take away from the effectiveness of the lap-band procedure. There have been many people whose lives have actually been saved as a result of the operation. However, people must still remember that their personal responsibilities do not just deteriorate because of the surgery.

So, if you are thinking about going through with this particular operation, you may want to begin making some changes to your diet now. This will help to make the transition much easier. Also, keep in mind that you should still stay active even after the procedure has been completed. If you have already gone through the surgery and you have not been doing the right things, it's never too late to start.

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Ways to Finance Your Plastic Surgery

If you've decided that you're ready to have plastic surgery performed, you'll have to figure out how to pay for it. Although there are a few exceptions to the rule, healthcare policies typically will not cover any of the costs of what they consider electrical procedures. Even though cosmetic procedures are performed to improve the way you look, there are spillover benefits. For example, your emotional wellbeing may be enhanced because you'll feel so much better about your appearance. Your financial situation may be enhanced, too, because job applicants who appear young and attractive often get the best jobs.


If you have a substantial sum of cash, this is an easy way of paying for your plastic surgery. Perhaps you just received an inheritance from a long lost relative. Would not Aunt Hilda or Uncle Ned be happy to see you spend some of the money to improve your life? If you have a large balance in your savings account, tapping into that could also be a ready source of funding. Perhaps you have rich parents or siblings who always want to get you a gift. What could be a better present than nips and tucks to create a more attractive body or face? Maybe you have an excellent income with money to spare in your budget. Spending your cash in this way is an investment in yourself.

Second Job

If you already work fulltime to pay for your regular expenses, getting a second job can pay for your rhinoplasty, facelift, or breast augmentation. You might not want to work two jobs forever but you can do anything temporarily. This is especially true if you have a goal in mind. Some possibilities for additional income include doing freelance work, house sitting, pet sitting, babysitting, or taking a weekend job.

Sell ​​Something

Another source of ready cash may be sitting in your house or garage right now. Do you have items you do not need that you could sell? Do you have a boat but rarely get to the lake? Sell ​​it and use the proceeds to pay for your liposuction. Do you have a third car that just sits in the garage but no one ever drives it? You can bring in some thousands of dollars by selling an extra vehicle. You will also save money on insurance costs on vehicles so this aspect could improve your budget, as well.

Finance It

Many plastic surgery offices have convenient financing options for their patients. If you choose this option, check the interest rate and repayment terms carefully. You may be able to obtain a personal loan at your bank or credit union to pay for your procedure, as well.

Plastic surgery can enhance your wellbeing on many levels. If you wonder how you will pay for it, there are answers. You can pay cash, get a second job temporarily, sell something or finance it.

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What to Look for in Plastic Surgeons Reviews

If you are planning to have a cosmetic procedure performed, you'll want to look at plastic surgeons reviews and other means of referral. Not every doctor is a fit for every patient. You'll want to make sure the procedure you're planning to undergo is one of your practiceer's specialties. Some doctors specialize in facial operations while others are known for their expertise with sculpting the body. This area of ​​medicine is not just about science; the practitioner will also need to have an artistic sense in order to create the most attractive result. When asking around for referrals or reading recommendations online, you'll need to look at experience, expertise, bedside manner, and when the patients posting about their experience were satisfied with their results.


When looking over plastic surgeons reviews, you'll want to find out how long each physician has been practicing in this field. While new doctors might have lots of energy and be abreast of new ideas, you want to make sure that they've had plenty of hands-on experience with patients. Check into where they've done their internship, residency, and what medical college they attended along with their years in practice. All of these details add up when taking their experience into account.


If you're planning to have a rhinoplasty, you'll want a doctor who specializes in this and other facial procedures. It's a great idea to take a look at the doctor's before and after photos of his or her own patients. Sometimes these are posted online and other times, you'll need to make an appointment for a consultation to see these important photos. Each specialist has his or her own view of what an appropriate aesthetic result is; make sure the physician you select aligns with your idea of ​​beauty.

Bedside Manner

Bedside manner is another way of saying: is the doctor kind, respectful, and compassionate? Some docs are excellent with a scalpel. They may create the most beautiful results that is a wonderful thing. But, do they make their patients feel comfortable, and like they're in good hands? If not, you'll want to give the practitioner a second thought. You want a practitioner you feel comfortable with.

What the Other Patients Are Saying

Of course, anonymous posts can range from truthful to gushy to irate. You can not really tell where the past patients were coming from individually. What you should look for is a pattern. Are lots of past patients posting about their satisfactory results in the plastic surgeons reviews? If so, that's a good sign.

Before you schedule your tummy tuck, augmentation, or facelift, you want to find the best cosmetic practitioner for you. Ask around for recommendations and check out plastic surgeons reviews online. Find out about the doctor's experience, expertise, bedside manner, and what other patients are saying about their surgical results.

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What a Plastic Surgeon Can Do For You

Have you wondered what a plastic surgeon can do for you? The answer to that question will depend on who you are and what your unique situation is. This physicist has been trained to sculpt humans like artwork. These doctors must have both a scientific aptitude and an aesthetic eye. They can sculpt faces and body parts to create harmonious and attractive appearance in their patients. These externals spill into other areas of each patient's life, as well.

Facial Procedures

A plastic surgeon can alter facial features and create a more youthful appearance. With faces, some of the most popular surgeries are rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, otoplasty, and facelifts. The rhinoplasty is the medical name for a nose job. These operations can be performed on teens through elderly individuals. Noses can be made shorter, narrower, and bump-free. Blepharoplasty is another name for eyelid surgery. During this operation, saggy eyelid skin is removed to create a more alert, youthful appearance. Otoplasty is re-sculpting ears that are protruding or are oversized. Facelifts address the lower 75% of the face and are designed to give patients a more youthful look, free of sagging jowls, chin, and cheeks.

Body Changes

Some of the most popular procedures that a plastic surgeon can perform on bodies include breast lifts, augmentation, liposuction, and abdominoplasty. If you have flat or drooping breasts, you can have them lifted and enlarged. Medical devices called implants are inserted into the chest to add fullness. These implants are filled with saline or silicone and come in a variety of sizes and shapes in order to align with every woman's figure. Liposuction is a fat suctioning technique that can slim bellies, thighs, upper arms, hips, and buttocks. Male chests can become manlier with the help of lipo. Many men are bothered by a condition called gynecomastia: feminine breasts on masculine chests. Luckily, this softness can be removed with the lipo wand. Abdominoplasty is the scientific name for the tummy tuck, an operation that can get rid of rolls of belly fat and create a taut abdomen.

Emotional Changes

If you are bothered by your appearance, chances are that your emotions are affected by your distress. Being embarrassed about your body can lead to depression, anxiety, and social withdrawal. When you feel better about your figure after a few nips and tucks by your plastic surgeon, your emotional outlook is likely to improve, as well.

What can a plastic surgeon do for you? Plenty! To find out the specifics for your body and face, schedule an appointment for a consultation. There, you'll find all the answers you're looking for, complete with “before and after” photos and literature about each procedure.

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Dieting After a Tummy Tuck

After a tummy tuck, patients need to keep their weight down in order to continue looking great. Another name for this operation is an abdominoplasty. An abdominoplasty is performed by a plastic surgeon in a hospital and requires an overnight stay. In order to stay svelte looking after recovery, it's helpful to follow a healthy diet and incorporate an exercise routine.

The Procedure

The tummy tuck is performed under general anesthetic. During the operation, the plastic surgeon will make incisions in the lower abdominal region. Redundant outer skin and fat will be removed and tightened up to create a tauter belly. The internal girdle of connective tissue is also cinched into a tighter formation. Because this inner girdle gets stretched out, the organs such as intestines, stomach, and uterus often protrude, compounding the problem. During the operation, drains are placed to alleviate fluid retention. A compression garment will need to be worn for several weeks post-op.

Diet Post-Op

In order to retain the new post tummy tuck slim figure, patients will need to watch their diet intake. Instead of fad diets, it's important to adopt a new diet life. This includes a basic template of lean proteins, whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, and lots of water. Proteins can be grilled fish, chicken, or broiled tofu. Walnuts and almonds are great sources of protein, too. Vegetables should be chosen for their deep colors. Dark green, red, and orange veggies are packed with vitamins and nutrients. Instead of eating candy, cake, and cookies, it's wise to think of fresh fruit as a dessert. Seasonal produce such as strawberries, melons, and tangerines can be just as sweet and satisfying as a bowl of ice cream.

Exercise Counts

Along with adhering to a healthy diet, it's important to incorporate exercise into your daily life. Exercise does not have to be running a marathon to count; even walking the dog around the block each day will make a difference. It's wise to find exercises you enjoy so you'll stick with it. Do you like to swim, dance, or go bowling? Then just do it. In addition to retaining your physique after a tummy tuck, these activities can add to your quality of life. They can improve your relationships if you go dancing or bowling with your partner. Even your heart will be healthier if you incorporate daily exercise into your life.

After a tummy tuck, you are probably thrilled with your flat, thin belly. In order to keep it that way, it's important to adopt some healthy lifestyle habits. Eat a healthy diet and incorporate some enjoyable exercise routines into your life.

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