Understanding the Butt Augmentation Process

Are you unhappy with how your pants fit on you each morning? Do you feel like this because of excess fat deposits in your butt area or sometimes the lack of a backside? If so, you may want to think about getting a butt augmentation. What makes a good candidate for this surgery? Take a look at your body. There are several reasons you may want to reshape your backside. If you have a flat buttock, you may want to seek some enhancement in the form of increased roundness. If you feel like you have too much going on in the backside, you can get surgery to remove any excessive reserves. As long as you're in good general health and have a realistic anticipation of how the surgery will go, you'll be considered a prime candidate for this surgery.

If you do believe that a butt enhancement is right for you, make sure you plan some time off to recover. You'll have to wear a pressure garment for about three weeks while your backside heals. This can cause some uncomfortable moments, but it's essential in the healing process. During the first few weeks, it will be wise to avoid sitting long term. You'll have to find alternative measures to sit and eat during this period. Also, seeing results will certainly take a bit of time. Patients usually notice a major difference after four months. Do not think that you're going to get the body you've dreamed of overnight. As long as you wait while you heal, you'll get closer to the results that you need.

You should not ignore the possible risks as well. As with any kind of surgery, there can be side effects. The most common post-operative issues are infection, unexpected bleeding, and inadequate results that may result in a repeat procedure. Make sure you learn from the surgeon how to identify any possible health issues while you're recovering at home. You do not want to ignore an infection and let it become much worse. During the consultation phase, make sure you go over the daily steps you need to take to ensure a proper recovery. Educate yourself on the early signs of the side effects because you want to call the doctor when you're completely sure you're experimenting an issue.

There's no doubt that butt enhancement can make some positive changes in your life. As with any electrical surgery, carefully think if the financial investment is worth the recovery time. Make sure that you seek out an experienced professional to perform the surgery. Always work with a surgeon who has a legitimate operation and has experience with these kinds of surgeries. Once the healing process is complete, you'll be amazed at the difference the surgery will make in your life.

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Recent Data About Breast Augmentation Shows Decrease From Previous Year

Recent data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons discusses the statistics in regards to the number of plastic surgeries performed each year; and 2012 showed a net increase in cosmetic procedures performed at 14.6 million total procedures performed for the year. The interesting part of the data was that the number of breast augmentation surgery actually decreased by 7% from the previous year (while the total number of procedures increased by 5%). This was the first time in six years that this has happened and it's being fueled by the increase in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures like injectables and laser treatments.

Breast augmentation surgery has always been the most popular plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure performed previously so this is certainly big news!

Why Has The Amount of Breast Augmentation Surgeries Decreased?

Many are commenting that the decrease in surgical breast procedures is due to the aging baby boomer population and their desire to look and feel younger. They seem to be undergoing more facial procedures in general whether they are surgical or non-surgical. Facelifts, minimally invasive procedures like Botox or Dermal filler injections are all on the rise. Baby boomers have decided that they just want to look younger and they seem to be turning their backs on the other enhancements. The procedures they seem to be gravitating to are facelifts, brow lifts, injectables (Botox, dermal fillers), rhinoplasty and all new laser procedures. Facial plastic surgery in general is growing faster than any other segment of electrical surgery.

Will Breast Augmentation Continue To Decline?

Do not view it as surgical breast procedures “declining” per se, it's more of a situation where technology is improving so much that laser procedures, new injectable substances are being approved and getting mainstream attention that they are increasing and gaining market share. The women that want a fuller, more shapely bust line will still have breast augmentation surgery but they may also do Botox and a few laser procedures at the same time. This means the ration of non-invasive procedures will soon dwarf that of surgical procedures like breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation Needs New Products

In order for the ratio of breast surgery to increase against non-surgical procedures there needs to be new advances / products. If new types of implants hit the market, new surgical techniques become possible or some other large differentiating factor happens then the number of surgical breast augments will increase versus non-surgical alternatives.

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The Benefits of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Unexpected events in life happened to everyone. If you have suffered a life-altering illness such as cancer, your body may have gone through drastic changes. A mastectomy is a procedure performed as a result of cancer. This surgery leaves a woman without her natural curves. The good news is that breast reconstruction is available. Those who have suffered these changes do not have to live with insecure forever. Surgeons can work their magic to ensure that each patient looks and feels as good as new. The body will still have a natural appearance also. This method is safe and totally effective.

The bust line is what makes women feel desirable and feminine. Unfortunately, many women have to cope with the loss of one or both breasts. Physical and psychological effects do not have to stay forever. Many patients opt for breast reconstruction instead. Surgeons can use the patient's own natural tissue to rebuild a woman's breast after a mastectomy. This process is approved and is known to work well. There is nothing to fear. The surgeons are very skilled and are always waiting to improve the lives of beautiful, courageous cancer survivors.

There are several different breast reconstruction procedures available. All of these options use existing skin and tissue from the body to create natural looking results. This transfer of bodily tissue can also benefit the patient by creating a lift to other areas of the body. When tissue is removed from the abdomen area, the result is a flatter stomach region. And of course the bosom will be back to normal. The surgeon can determine which particular procedure is right for each patient. If you need this surgery, the doctor will decide the best procedure based on your body frame and size. Each body is different. If you want the best results, consult with only the best in the industry.

You may be wondering if breastfeeding reconstruction operations are really worth it. There are so many benefits to rebuilding your body after a mastectomy. The main advantage is it will restore your self-esteem. Cancer is a very dangerous and life-threatening disease. You already have so much stress on your plate. A mastectomy may restore your health, but detract from your overall confidence in your appearance. Restorative operations can give you your body back. You can look in the mirror and feel better about yourself. You will not feel ashamed any longer. You will look feminine and desirable again.

In order to start the process of breast reconstruction, you should consult with a surgeon. The key is finding the best professional. You will not feel a thing during the procedure. Your recovery will be easy with the help of the medical staff. So there is no need to worry at all. What matters the most is your quality of life. When you look better, you feel better. Leave it up to a medical professional to change your life for the better. You will not regret it.

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Basic Knowledge on What Surgeons Do

It is mesmerizing to people who are not in the medical field to see doctors saving lives every day. It is more amazing that the surgical field has grown to incorporate almost every part of your body. Sometimes you wonder how different these surgeries are and what the different surgeons do. Here is a short list of the common surgeries done, explaining briefly what each involves.

Abdominal surgery

This is the type of surgery that mainly deals with the organs found in the abdomen. It involves organs on the breast and the thyroid gland. It is called general surgery.

· Brain surgery

Majority of the people are familiar with the term neurosurgery. This is the type of surgery that involves a major part of the body called the brain. It involves working on the different parts of the brain including the nerves and other blood vessels that supply the brain.

· Children's surgery

This is what is known as pediatric surgery. These are surgeons who have specifically trained to treat and operate on children. They are usually well versed with the children's anatomy and physiology and can there handle them better.

· Bone surgery

It is also known as orthopedic surgery. As you can guess, it mainly deals with treating bones. These are the people who cut off limbs in case of an accident or the limb has lost its function. They can also restore the functionality of a limb by carrying out bone grafts and other bony procedures.

· Beauty surgery

This is the surgery many people carry out to modify how they look. It is called cosmetic surgery and sometimes called plastic surgery. It involves changing some parts of the body to how the person wants to look live. It has many branches under it, which involve almost the whole body including the hair, where hair transplants can be made.

Reproductive surgery

This is surgery that involves the reproductive system. In women it is widely known as gynecological surgery. It looks at the organs involved in reproduction eg the fallopian tubes, the uterus, cervix and even the vagina. It can also involve some procedures used as permanent methods of sterilization like vasectomy in men and tubal ligation or hysterectomy in women.

The surgical field is broad and all its branches can not fit in this discussion. These are some of the common surgical procedures that are carried out. I hope this has shed some light on your curiosity. If you ever think of becoming a surgeon, these are some of the branches you may be interested in.

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Look Beautiful Again After a Traumatic Experience

Encountering an accident is one of traumatizing things that can happen to you. The accident can be on the road, air or even water. It affects your physical, psychological and sometimes your social life, especially if a part of your body has been distorted. Regaining your beauty does not just involve the physical beauty. It involves your wellbeing wholesomely. How do you come out strong after a traumatizing experience?

1. Counselling

After a undergoing a traumatic experience, it is important to consult a counselor who will help as you go through the experience. You will be able to discuss what you went through and by sharing, you will overcome your fears with ease. Handling the situation on your own may be hard for you.

2. Desensitization

This usually applies to people who have been involved in motor accidents. They develop the fear to get back on the specific experience. Most of people will even fear coming out of the house as they think they will encounter the experience again. Desensitization means that you expose yourself to this experience until you ever become comfortable enough to relive it.

3. Physical restoration

Depending on the type of accident and its extent, a part of your body might have been disfigured. The good news is that today today there is a cosmetic surgeon for almost every body part. If you were burnt, or you lost your hair in the accident, you can get a hair transplant. If you lost a limb, there are some prosthetics available.

4. Social interaction

It is important to have people around you after going through a traumatizing experience. When alone, you will easily fall into depression from thinking about what you went through. Friends will keep you entertained and you will be free from those thoughts.

5. Drugs

If you suffer from traumatic stress disorder, or you get some attacks, you can visit a psychiatrist who will prescribe some medicines for you and help you cope with the situation. They are effective and you need them for a short duration of time, so that you can not even get side effects.

6. Take your time

Do not rush your healing process. Go through the stages of healing, allowing ample time between the transitions. Give yourself time to accept. Once you have accepted this, then you will find it easy to go through the healing process.


Take rest from some of the responsibilities you had before the accident. Do not make some big decisions while still coping with the stressful experience. Refrain from the job you had for a while until you are sure you can handle it.

Going through a traumatic experience can be hard on you but it does not mean that you can not go back to your normal way of loving. Follow the above steps and it will be simpler for you.

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The Growing Popularity Of Botox Treatments

Botox and Botox treatments started out by being a kind of aesthetic treatment that only Hollywood actors and celebrities did, and it was one of those eccentric things they did along with buying fast cars and going on an organic spa retreat.

But, times have changed, and the organic spa retreat and botox treatments are not something so stellar anymore, and have instead have become quite popular and mainstream. Why did this happen? Well, partly because these experiences started to become popular and more offers popped into the market. With more offers the demand could be met and prices got lower. Lower prices means that people will now be able to reach these eccentric options – and so, everyday people started to go on organic spa retreats and having BT with botox injections.

Focusing on botox, why is it so popular nowdays? Well first things first there is something you should know about botox – it is not something you can do once and it will last, instead, once you do it have to keep doing it in regular intervals or your face will suffer greatly, becoming even worse than before you did your first botox treatment, so make sure you have enough of a budget to keep doing them through your life.

However, if keeping up the botox treatment is not a problem, you should know that it provides amazing results, stretching your skin and knitting off years off your face.

For those people that worry about the side effects of botox, know that if the botox treatment is well done, people will not notice you did them because you will not lose any of your facial expressions. This is a risk however, because there is some risk that you will lose the ability to move certain muscles or to make those muscle movements not appearance.

The rule of thumb is to always investigate and research your botox treatment provider and his experience and level of expertise – try to know if they are the real deal or if it is just a doctor, because BT are very profitable .

So, the bottom line is that nowdays you do not need to be rich to live a stellar life, so grab your hammock and go on an organic spa retreat. One thing to have in mind is that living big can get addicting, and you do not want to overdo it.

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Male Grooming, The New Trend

Micro-graft Hair Transplantation

Male hair transplant surgery has been well publicized in the media. With famous football stars such as Manchester United's Waye Rooney undergoing hair transplant treatment under the media spotlight, are other men out there considering such cosmetic plastic surgery treatment?

99% of hair transplants are transported out on men with the number of such treatments increasing each year. It is true that the results can be spectacular !!

More and more young men are undergoing such micro-graft hair transplant surgery treatment and taking pride in their new full head of hair!

What is Micro-graft surgery?

Micro-graft hair transplant surgery is a new method: The procedure itself is time consuming because of the expertise involved, but the results can be life changing.

Under visual magnification, the hair follicles are individually harvested from the donor area. This is performed by a team of well trained doctors and nurses.

Micro-surgical dissection of the donor strip must be performed in a professional manner, this is essential for successful transplantation.

The harvested donor strip is cut into small, single units made up of one or more follicles. Single follicle units are transplanted at the frontal hairline. Multiple follicular units (2 to 4 follicles) are used on the top of the scalp to provide a denser effect.

The hair surgeon implants each graft individually into the balding scalp. The procedure is extremely labor intensive. It requires 3 to 5 medical and paramedical specialists throughout the 2 to 6 hour surgical procedure.

The popularity of hair transplantation is definitely increasing as more men are taking pride in their appearance. Those designer outfits are just part of the final look, who was it who said that our “hair is our crowning glory” ??

Male breast reduction or gynaecomasty

Male grooming is becoming more and more part of many men's daily ritual. In today's world men are expected to make as much of an effort as their female counterpart! This fact is something that is becoming more evident in the world of cosmetic plastic surgery. In recent years trends are changing and male cosmetic surgery procedures are growing on a continuous basis.

Such a procedure that has shown significant growth in 2012 has been the male breast reduction or gynaecomasty . Recent figures released show a 38% rise in such procedures in 2012 in the UK alone and it is expected that 2013 will continue to show more increases in the number of these procedures carried out.

There is also seen a growth in male breast reduction procedures, a simple procedure with a short recovery time which visibly enhances the male physique!

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Breast Reconstruction Can Be Part of Starting Over

Breast reconstruction is just one part of a woman's journey in starting over after cancer. While receiving a diagnosis of cancer can seem like the end of the world, it can actually be a time of growth and a chance to start over in life. Many women experience some of their happiest times of life after they've gone through this transition to the next chapter of their life.

Hearing the Bad News

It may seem like a bad dream to initially hear that you have cancer. The world may suddenly look much different than before. Because this type of diagnosis has been associated with dying in the past, many women actually see their lives flash before their eyes. Things that seemed so important the day before may now seem trivial. A physical, emotional, and spiritual change may be about to occur. Fortunately, with today's treatments, a long and healthy life is likely to follow.

Changes that Occur

Physically, a woman will have to go through treatment to knock out her cancer. This may include having a mastectomy, undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, and having a breastfeeding reconstruction performed. Afterward, a patient often takes better care of her body than ever before. She may start to exercise, eat right, and practice stress relieving activities such as meditation or deep breathing. Emotionally, a woman may feel devastated at first but eventually be strengthened by going through it. It's at a time like this when a person realizes what true grit she actually has. In order to gain inner strength, many women return to their spiritual practices or learn new ones. Devastating times often lead to spiritual awakenings.

Reconstructive Techniques

There are several techniques surgeons use to perform breast reconstruction. Some are done right away and others are performed after eradication of the disease has occurred. Some methods involve the use of implants which are medical devices filled with saline or silicone solution. These are the same devices used in cosmetic procedures to provide fuller, larger bosoms. Other techniques use flaps of skin and fat from the woman's own body, often from the abdominal region. An added benefit of having the flap method performed is that the size of the patient's belly is reduced. In addition to having natural looking breasts created from surrounding tissue, a woman is left with a flatter, slimmer belly.

Getting cancer is no fun but after going through the process of healing and recovery, many women are healthier than ever before. They may take great care of their bodies by exercising, eating a healthy diet, and managing their stress through meditation or practicing relaxation breathing exercises. They may end up with increased emotional stamina after realizing what a deep pool of inner reserves they had all along. They may even have a spiritual awakening during the process. Having breastfeeding reconstruction performed can leave patients' figures looking more attractive than before, with fuller bosoms and flatter bellies.

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The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

What makes celebrities look great?

Your favorite actors, musicians, athletes & politicians have one thing in common – they all look amazing. With their shiny smooth skin, bright eyes and loads of energy we search for their secrets using miracle products that are provided to give us that superstar sparkle. Along with healthy diets & exercise the key to their kingdom is Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. HBOT is always featured at high profile events including the Oscars, Emmys and Grammys rejuvenating and destressing the stars.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a big part of any famous person's medicine cabinet and beauty supply because of the inherent health benefits.

  • ANTI-AGING: Between 50 and 70 billion cells die each day in the average human adult. This is called APOPTOSIS or programmed cell death. HBOT is a 'fountain of youth' that will decrease the APOPTOSIS amount. Patients after therapy sessions report improvement in the way their skin looks and feels. And with slowed APOPTOSIS everyone wants to know the secret.
  • IMMUNE FUNCTION: The immune system is required to defend the body against foreign intrusion. This includes infections and other agents which are not welcome in our bodies and require elimination. Our body fights foreign intruders with antibodies and natural killer cells. If these are measures and expressed with numbers we can tell if antibodies are elevated and if the natural killer cell function is adequate. This is needed to eliminate CANCER CELLS and infections. Studies have shown that patients immune function is improved after only a few sessions. Bottom line – patients with immune weaknesses deserve HBOT treatment.
  • DETOXIFICATION: With 1 HBOT session the body begins rejecting unwanted and toxic substances present within. Including drugs, alcohol & disease.
  • IMPROVED ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: In December 2004, it looked like Terrell Owens' season was over after he suffered a devastating ankle injury.With only two weeks until the Super Bowl, Owens relied on HBOT as an integral part of his rehab program and then defied doctors 'predictions by not only playing in Super Bowl XXXIX, but by catching 9 passes for 122 yards in a memorable performance. The use of hyperbaric treatment will get you off the bench, back in the game and ready to win big.

Hyperbaric treatment has been used & studied for over 50 years. FDA approved , its safe and effective system has been tested for years in double-blind studies and can provide immunization healing, relief and comfort for patients.

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Immediate Breast Reconstruction Preferred By Many

Going through cancer treatment can be a challenging time in a woman's life, but immediate breast reconstruction can help. There are several parts of this journey back to health that are at play. Number one, a woman's physical wellbeing is at stake. But in addition to her physical health, her emotional state is impacted. The medical community is more aware than ever of the interconnectedness of the body and the mind.

Physical Health

Immediate breast reconstruction can be advantageous physically because it requires fewer surgeries. Instead of waiting, having rebuilding procedures performed simultaneously with a mastectomy means everything is done at once. This means less exposure to anesthesia, less trauma of going into surgery, and a survivor recovery time. Once the operation is completed, the patient can get back to living a normal life.

Emotional Health

Having cancer can shake up a woman's emotional wellbeing. Most people never think that they will be the ones to get sick. Many of these patients have lived what they considered to be a healthy lifestyle. When they discover a lump, find out that their mammogram shows a malignancy, or have a biopsy that reveals carcinoma, they may be rattled to the core. To be ill is bad enough; to lose one's bosom can be a devastating blow to self esteem. If immediate breast reconstruction can be performed, this can greatly reduce the emotional trauma. Patients can wake up in the recovery room with natural looking mounds made from their own tissue.

Mind / Body Connection

Doctors today are aware of the strong connection between the human mind and body. If a person is calm and happy, her body reacts by sleeping well, having optimum immune functioning, and healing more quickly. On the flip side, if a patient is anxious, depressed, and miserable, her body will react by creating stress hormones, wanting to fight or flee, having impaired immune response, and more. By having immediate breast reconstruction performed, a patient can feel happier about her appearance and boost her healing response. Because she only had to go through the lone surgery, she will be able to recover faster which will allow her to remain cheerful and hopeful.

Being diagnosed with cancer can be a scary and life altering situation. Thankfully, medical researchers and surgeons have made amazing progress in treating the disease and rebuilding the tissue lost to mastectomy. Immediate breast reconstruction is beneficial physically and emotionally to patients. Shorter recovery time and not having to face even one day without a feminine shape can be just the boon a patient needs to get through the challenge and move to the next chapter of life.

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Brazilian Butt Lift and Its Advantages

Not every woman is blessed by mother nature with a slim, toned body and a voluptuous derriere. You can achieve that toned and taut body through balanced diet and regular exercise, but for a svelte behind you need to undergo the knife of the plastic surgeons.

Women who want to have larger, rounded derriere or enlarged hips can consider Brazilian butt lift surgery.

What is Brazilian Butt Lift?
The Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure which uses a patient's own body fat to add volume to the buttocks. The procedure results in a youthful, perky and rounder rear end and a more contoured body profile. This type of butt lift is not to be confused with a butt lift surgery which is designed to create a fuller, curvier buttocks and hips using buttock implants.

Procedural Overview
This butt enhancement procedure involves taking fat from different parts of your body, purifying it and then transferring it back to your butts in a process called lipoinjection.

For the procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will want to harvest fat typically from any area of ​​the body, usually the stomach, flanks, thighs or hips, where they find enough fat to deal with for the butt augmentation. In fact, only about half of the harvested fat is suitable for reinjection. The fat harvested from donor sites is injected through the buttocks evenly to create a more curvaceous lower body profile.

The process of re-injecting the selected donor fat cells into your buttocks involves hundreds of injections. As opposed to conventional butt lift surgery which involves incisions and implants to make the butts appear lifted and perky, this unique procedure is designed to fill the upper quadrant of your buttocks using your own purified fat cells.

Brazilian butt lift is performed under general anesthesia and lasts about two hours.

Who May and May Not Benefit From Brazilian Butt Lift
To be a good candidate for Brazilian butt lift, you must have adequate amount of fat somewhere on your body that can be removed and transferred to your buttocks. Women who are too thin and lack enough donor fat to remove via liposuction for reuse can not undertake this procedure. Those who take certain drugs or herbal products that increase bleeding time are not reasonable candidates for this type of butt lift. Brazilian butt lift candidates must have realistic goals and expectations. Most importantly, the patients seeking this procedure must be in good health and have good skin tone in the areas that are to have liposuction.

The great thing about the fat transfer butt lift procedure is that it does not require opening a slit into the skin and inserting a foreign object (implant). The only thing being introduced to the body is your own body fat. The threat of infection is minimal, since the procedure is done without actual incisions.

Because it is your own fat cells being transferred from one of your body to another, it eliminates the possibility of allergic reaction and risk of the injected cells being rejected by your body. Your body will accept its own fat without risks and complications.

Another benefit of this procedure is that it can be done in conjunction with other liposuction treatments. It provides additional body sculpting. For example, you can get rid of the excess flab you have accumulated on your other parts of the body like thighs and love handles while at the same time enhancing your buttocks.

As long as the fat is transferred appropriately, your backside appears more lifted and more attractive. If performed by a plastic surgeon who has a great deal of experience with this technique, the procedure may last 20 years or more.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery Advantages and Risks

The breast augmentation intervention is certainly one of the most desired changes among women choosing plastic surgery treatments. Whether it's a health issue or just an aesthetic matter, breast augmentation with breast implants is one of the few interventions that can give result remarkably quickly and dramatically.

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that increases or changes a woman's breast size and shape with implants. In the field of plastic surgery, there is already a vast and diverse range of categories of breast implants that differ depending on the shape, material, amount of the material contained and appearance. This surgery can improve the body lines of women that believe their breast size is too small, can correct a loss in breast volume after pregnancy and lactation, or it can align the differences in size between breasts or it can be part of a breast reconstruction procedure following a breast surgery.

Just as any surgical intervention, breast augmentation is also risky. Whether you have an allergic reaction to the medication used for anesthesia or you develop infections that can not be controlled with anti-biotic medicine, the truth is when under this type of intervention your life is at risk. Following are just some of the drawbacks you might experience after a breast enlargement procedure; do not fail to discuss every risk with your doctor before choosing such treatment.

What Are the Drawbacks Following Breast Augmentation Surgery?

  • In the early days, the breasts will be swollen and extremely tender.
  • The total recovery interval, regardless of any physical effort during this time, may take up to 3 months.
  • Changes may occur in areola and nipple sensitivity, but this usually wanes within 6 weeks.
  • The danger of infection is quite high, and your doctor will prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory pain relievers treatment. If the antibiotic treatment fails, the implant can be removed and the area cleaned before replacing it back. IN addition, the implant can be removed and placed back after a few weeks.
  • You will face light discomfort when moving around, but this too should fade in a few days only.
  • You may also notice a loss in breast sensitivity, but that disappears after a few weeks.
  • The surgery scars will go away in time, usually somewhere between 6 months and up to 2 years.
  • When bleeding occurs, and blood accumulates in the spot where the implant is placed, surgical removal of the implants may be required.
  • Another significant risk is when implants break, but thanks to the new materials used in such implants usually this is not a life threatening scenario. Implants can be replaced when they break.
  • On other serious drawback following such surgery is that some women develop scar tissue that distorts the implant. In such case, new surgical interventions are needed.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Benefits

  • From an aesthetic point of view, implants provide both the desired breast size and push them just like a push up bra because implants are generally placed under the pectoral muscle which supports them.
  • New-generation implants now have a texture remarkably similar to the natural mammary tissue, so being extremely difficult to detect on touch.
  • Such intervention has considered psychological impact, and the result is usually an increase in self-esteem, thus improving the patient's life.

Although such intervention has more risks than benefits, more and more women are willing to risk it all on the altar of beauty. Before you decide wherever to take the risk, you should always consult a therapist as well as discuss all dangers with your surgeon.

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4 Things You Should Know About Rhinoplasty

Imperfections of the human body are no longer irreversible problems in most cases. Among many other interventions aimed at reshaping the body, rhinoplasty is known to be one of the most popular and common aesthetic procedures performed today.

Rhinoplasty refers to the reshaping of the nose by cosmetic surgery means for aesthetic reasons.

The appearance of the nose affects the whole physiognomy of the face, which is because disparities and nasal defects sometimes need to be corrected, and the fastest and most effective way to correct the various issues is through rhinoplasty. Breathing problems are also addressed successfully with this surgery.

Top 4 Common Questions Concerning Rhinoplasty and Their Answers

1. Can I Wear Glasses After a Rhinoplasty Intervention?

It is prefer to wait around 30 days after surgery before you wear glasses. Of course, you can use contact lenses during this time so you should prepare.

2. What Is the Difference Between Open and Closed Rhinoplasty?

With an open rhinoplasty, the surgeon creates small incisions inside each nostril, which will be joined at the level of nose columella. Once this is completed, the surgeon can lift the skin from the bones and cartilage of the nose to examine its structure and shape for imperfections and then correct it. Depending on the complexity of the operation, it may take from 1 to 3 hours during which the patient is under general anesthesia. Open Rhinoplasty is recommended when the tip of the nose must be remodeled as well as to correct lateral deviation and other minor corrections. Most surgeons recommend open rhinoplasty.

Closed Rhinoplasty is different from the opened intervention and more complex. It involves an incision inside the nostrils which accesses the rest of the nose. Closed Rhinoplasty is recommended for those who require correction of the septum as well as other minor corrections. If the closed rhinoplasty is done to reduce a hump, the skin is not removed and may lead to the appearance of a round and too bulky nose tip.

3. What Are The Complications That May Arise During the Intervention?

In contrast to other surgical procedures, with rhinoplasty risks are minimal. Of course, hemorrhaging, infection, and even necrosis might lead to a secondary intervention, but such complications are rare.

Swelling and bruises are part of the natural recovery process and should not be considered complications.

4. What Are The Postoperative Risks?

Scars, irregularities, nose tip lowering, inflammation, and problems with the mucosa may occur after a rhinoplasty intervention and may call for a new surgery to correct them. An abnormal sensitivity is also common, but this usually fades away within a few weeks. Sure thing, following a surgical intervention you will have to follow a few rules as your surgeon indicates following a successful rhinoplasty performed correctly, the nose will be perfectly stable and its form will complement the rest of the body and will evolve over the years along with the whole body.

Bottom line, Rhinoplasty is one of the safest cosmetic surgery interventions and as long as you follow your surgeon's advice you should recover in weeks after the intervention. However, there are risks you need to be aware of, and it's always a good idea to consult a therapist before such cosmetic surgery as the emotional impact is quite severe as with any cosmetic surgery.

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Different Procedures Performed By a Plastic Surgeon

Many people search for a plastic surgeon to improve their body and face. It is important to openly discuss your problems and expectations with your surgeon; however, you should pay attention to his recommendations as well. He might suggest you another procedure that will have the similar effect. Often, less invasive procedures are preferred to those that involve more surgical intervention. There are even cases, when people avoid any surgery with the help of some skin care products.

Your plastic surgeon should have experienced enough to determine whether such non-surgical plastic procedures will be effective or not. There are new options available in this field that one can use to fix his or her plastic problems. Learn more about them below.

Patients that do not have much facial aging can take advantage of some of the following procedures to effectively minimize the signs of aging on their face: eyelid and chin surgery, neck, mid-face and forehead lift. These procedures, done by an experienced plastic surgeon can offer you much more youthful and fresher look.

Some procedures that are aimed at improving your body's appearance are abdominoplasty, liposuction and breast enlargement.

Plastic surgery that includes minimal invasion is made with some special surgical tools and with a viewing scope. A few tiny openings are made through which the plastic surgeon performs the surgery, without any large incisions to be done. This method typically replaces traditional surgery due to its advantages. Less invasive procedures are usually less painful and scaring for the patient and the recovery is much quicker, reducing health risks and health care expenses.

When applying less invasive methods in plastic surgery, plastic surgeons make use of modern technologies to perform procedures with maximum result without the need of intensive and expensive procedures. Today, face or eye lifts are performed in well-equipped operating rooms and are much more affordable than a few years ago. Typically only local anesthesia is applied and the period of recovery usually lasts one-two weeks, depending on the type of the surgery performed, as well as on the patient's condition. However, two weeks after the surgery, most of the patients are able to resume their normal lifestyle.

People, who have some problems, such as sun burning, wrinkles, unwanted facial hair, etc. may opt for skin care products and other non-surgical procedures to fix that problem. If your skin is aging, sun-damaged, or unevenly pigmented, or you have acne, your physician will be able to recommend you the suitable skin care products for you. Natural products that contain vitamin C or E are proved to minimize all the adverse effects done by oxygen radicals on your skin.

If your skin is dull-looking and tired, you can successfully fix this problem with microdermabrasion and chemical peels that are able to quickly rejuvenate your skin, making it healthier-looking and softer than ever before. Another option to correct all signs of aging is called laser rejuvenation.

If you have some of the problems, described above, ask your plastic surgeon about non-surgical procedures you can apply to fix your problem at the first consultation. Ensure you get full information regarding the complications and risks that a plastic surgery could have, if it is unavoidable.

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What You Should Know Before Opting For Rhinoplasty

If you are not happy with the angle of your nose and you would like to reshape it or make it smaller or larger, to make some corrections and eliminate all defects, then rhinoplasty is what you are looking for.

Some structural changes that include cartilage and bones' incisions and even removal are made by the surgeon during rhinoplasty. There are no noticeable marks after the surgery. All excess tissue is also removed, or in case there is no enough, it may be added from another body part. The surgeon drapes the tissue and skin to cover the nose's structure after reshaping and rearranging the cartilage and bones. The new shape has to be supported by a splint that is placed outside while the process of recovery goes on. Some surgeons even use nasal packing for additional support.

Before rhinoplasty, either local or general anesthesia is applied. This procedure may require 1 day stay in a clinic, but usually is considered outpatient. The specialists that perform this procedure should have specialization in otolaryngology and plastic surgery or either of them.

After the surgery, the packing that is placed inside the nose is usually removed in 2 days and a week later the bandaging and splints are also removed. You should be prepared to see your face puffy for a few days after the surgery, especially the area around the nose and eyes. To reduce the swapping and pain, you can apply cold compresses. If that does not work efficiently, you might be prescribed some pain medicine. Usually the broising and swilling will improve for 2 weeks.

Another inconvenience for the first several days right after the surgery is that the patient should stay still and keep his head elevated. He will not be able to do strenuous activities for some period of time to avoid complications.

People usually opt for rhinoplasty, as they are not happy with their nose's proportion compared to the rest of their face. Some of the patients would like to change its size, angle and shape, while some have breathing problems and chronic congestion caused by structural problems.

Depending on the correction done on the nose, the results may be visible and significant or minor and almost invisible. In order to receive the required results, the patient and the surgeon should agree on the surgery's goals.

The results of this surgery are usually permanent and rhinoplasty is not applicable on children. The nose should be fully developed to apply this procedure, otherwise the further nose development will alter the results of the surgery and may cause many complications.

There are some risks that people who would like to go trough the rhinoplasty should be aware of. Exception for the temporary bruising and swelling, some other problems may be bleeding, septum holes or injury, infection, skin problems, like skin necrosis or skin tissue breakdown, irritation from bandaging, nasal blockage and anesthesia complications. Often some antibiotics are prescribed preventively to avoid or reduce some of these risks. Another risk is to not be satisfied with the results of the surgery that is why you need to have realistic expectations regarding the results to not be disappointed in the end.

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