Laser Treatment To Eliminate Spider And Thread Veins On The Face And Legs

When we get sunny weather, that's the time most of us want to wear shorts, skirts and bathing suits. But for those with spider or thread veins, they feel that wearing skimpy, more revealing clothes is not an option. Women of every age can get unattractive facial and leg veins, they are all too common and can cause a great deal of embarrassment for many. Until recent years, the only option was to cover the face with makeup concealer and the legs with trousers or tights.

Thread veins tend to develop as we age, when our skin and blood vessels become less elastic, but they can also be associated with pregnancy and menopause, family predisposition, sunbathing or exposure to wind or extreme temperatures.

Thread vein facts:

  • Most people with moderate varicose or spider veins, regularly have issues with the legs feeling itchy, heavy, restless, tired or cramped but do not suffer from constant pain.
  • Although heredity is a big contributor to unwanted vein development, there are other factors such as; pregnancy, excessive gain gain or prolonged standing or sitting for large amounts of time, which all contribute heavily to vein formation.
  • Thread vein treatments are minimally invasive and any discomfort is manageable, both during and after the procedure.
  • Stripping out the veins is not the only option for vein removal, there are a few minimally invasive treatments options that can easily be performed, without having to spend time in hospital. Treatments such as; sclerotherapy, phlebectomy, radio frequency ablation and laser vein removal all have short recovery periods and give excellent results.
  • Once veins develop it's very rare that they'll go away without any treatment.
  • Veins that have been either destroyed or completely removed, will not return after they've been treated.

Spider veins are very common, they appear on the skin in a reddish, purple and blue zigzag pattern. Thread veins are often a sign of getting older, and as the body ages, the valves in your veins weaker, and blood can collect, causing your veins to enlarge and become more visible. These veins can appear all over the body, but they are most commonly seen on the legs, face, ankles, feet and thighs. Spider veins are similar to varicose veins but smaller and they're also closer to the surface of the skin than varicose veins.

Poor blood flow and circulation causes spider veins, so you can help prevent spider veins by:

  • Try to avoid crossing your legs for long periods when sitting, as this can cause weakening of the vein walls.
  • Avoiding sitting or standing for long periods as this may aggravate the condition.
  • Limit the time you wear high-heeled shoes, as boots put extra pressure on your legs, which restricts the blood flow from the heart to the legs.
  • Support tights help to stimulate your blood vessels and improve your circulation.
  • It's important to use sun cream to protect the skin on your face, but it can also help prevent spider veins from appearing on your legs, calves and ankles.

The safest, most effective cosmetic medical treatments for leg and facial veins is laser treatment. A laser gets lightly applied to the skin directly above the spider veins, making the vein disappear. The energy from the laser gets absorbed by colored tissues, such as spider veins, breaking them down. The closed and sealed vein is then dissolved and absorbed by the body. After treatment, the body slowly re-absorbs the veins.

Why put up with unsightly thread veins when there is such a simple solution to permanently banish those tell-tale signs of aging.

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Laser Treatment To Treat Spider And Thread Veins On The Legs

Spider veins are more likely to appear on women than on men, and they are normally found on the legs but can also appear on the face, breasts and arms. People, especially women, who have thread veins on the face and legs can find them embarrassing or unsightly, and this can really affect their self-confidence.

As we get older, both our skin and our veins become weakened and this can cause spider veins to look more visible on aging or mature skin. Tiny blood vessels which became dilated and look as though they are close to the surface of the skin, are known as broken, thread or spider veins. These veins are fine purple or red wavy lines.

There's usually no obvious cause for getting thread veins, they tend to develop:

  • As we get older and the skin and blood vessels become less elastic.
  • It's thought that hormonal changes associated with pregnancy and the menopause provoke their development.
  • You can also inherit a family tendency to the problem.
  • The elements – too much sunbathing, exposure to wind or extreme temperatures.
  • Medical issues – corticosteroid medicines and radiotherapy.
  • Jobs involving prolonged standing may aggravate the condition, but does not actually cause it.
  • Veins may also be affected by smoking and alcohol.

Spider veins are like varicose veins, but smaller and nearer to the surface of the skin and they can resemble thin tree branches or spider webs, and they might cover either large, or small area. However, there's no need to suffer, as there are treatments available that will quickly and safely get rid of these unsightly thread veins, giving the skin a clearer, and more attractive appearance. While there is surgery to treat the larger varicose veins, laser treatment can help with the smaller veins.

Although you may not like the look of them, thread veins are not dangerous, but they tend to become larger and increase in number over time. Most spider veins are not painful but they can cause us embarrassment. The safest, most effective treatment for spider veins is laser treatment.

At a cosmetic clinic, a laser gets applied to the skin directly above the spider veins. The energy from the laser is preferentially absorbed by colored tissues, such as thread veins and the energy causes the spider veins to heat up and collapse. After treatment, the body slowly re-absorbs the veins.

Laser treatment benefits include:

  • Quickly and unfortunately eradicating the thread veins on the legs
  • Veins will only recur in a small percentage of cases
  • Treatment can help to restore your self-confidence
  • You're likely to see ongoing improvements after each treatment

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Bigger Is Not Always Better: Why Breast Reduction Surgery Is So Popular

Becky Fulford was used to having big breasts in the past. Her perception changed when she started to have chronic back and neck pain. She consulted with some friends, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons and she asked her to lose her wait and breast size. Despite workouts and diet plan, she could not have a significant change.

She then had this procedure and she is not in the recovery phase. She is a hair stylist she has been thinking about the reduction treatment since she was 16 but she could not realize this idea in the past. She has taken the surgery at the age of 30. With a bra size that fluctuated from 30 FF to 34 GG, finding one to fit was always a challenge.

She was not able to wear the normal-sized bra. She had to find the bra in the market that fit her. She no longer needs to do this hard work. She can just go to the market and purchase a bra of her choice. She now has a wide bra and dress choices. It was difficult for her to work out in the gym and even walk sometimes due to the pain.

Plastic Surgeon Helps Take the Load Off

It is not easy for the women with oversized breast to naturally reduce the size of the body and the chest. Becky also tried to do it using traditional weight loss methods but to no gain. These concerns are all too familiar to Dr. Joy Cluett, a plastic surgeon in St. Louis. John's.

She says; ” Women with overly large breasts suffer from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain and many other problems.

It is important to note that this procedure is not covered under normal medical insurance plans. The procedure is not cheap and a huge amount is needed to fund it. Although most of the women with large breasts can go for it but the treatment is not just for all women. The breast tissue has to be certain weight, and the woman must be experiencing health problems.

Big Breasts Run in Families

The women who have a big size and want to have kids need to know that this issue can run in families. Your daughter can become a victim of this issue as well and you can stop this to happen if you reduce the size using a reduction technique. You might be well-off with large-sized chest but what if your children also have it.

Cluett says having large breasts is common in Newfoundland and Labrador, and seems to run in families, so there is a genetic component. She says the negative attention was not just from men, it came from women as well. ” Girls just getting fired by you.” People feeling for some reason that because you are well-endowed that you are going to go after their boyfriend . ”

Becky and her husband now have plans to have kids. She has been waiting for the right moment to start the family. She is still worried about breastfeeding but her plastic surgeon has assured that she can easily breastfeed in the future. Dr. Cluett says that most of the women will be able to breastfeed normally after it. However, there is a chance of losing the ability to breast feed normally or equally.

Reduced Cancer Risk

Dr. Cluett is of the view that the breast reduction can avoid the women from the possible risk of breast cancer. So a successful breast reduction treatment means reduced risk of breast cancer. There are many reasons behind this fact.

There are several reasons for this as per some research studies ,” she says. One primary reason behind this is to have less breast tissue that makes it easy to have breast examination and mammography. Sometimes cancer is detected during the reduction surgery.

She is of the view that; ” On occasion, we do find cancer in the specimens and I've found quite a few myself.

She is happy with her new chest that is proportional to the rest of the body. Although she is still healing and she will soon be able to resume the routine activities, she has plans to purchase new bras that fit her. She is so exciting and is not able to wait for the moment when she will wear her new Victoria's Secret bra and stand before the mirror of her wardrobe door.

Becky is currently 34DD, which is less than before and she will be 32D in a few months when the swilling will be gone. Becky is satisfied with the results of the treatment and she is of the view that; “Overall I feel more comfortable. It's worth it already.”

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Replace Your Skin’s Youthful Texture With A Vampire Facelift

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) also known as the Vampire Facelift, is a cosmetic treatment that has been used for about a decade with fabulous results. It's a scientific discovery that enrolls your body's natural agents, to rejuvenate your face and make you look years younger.

If you do not feel the need to undergo an invasive surgical procedure to improve the look of your skin, then the Vampire Facelift might be the solution you are looking for. When you notice your skin has become less smooth due to aging, or your skin is looking tired, it might be time to consider a solution. The PRP treatment can give your skin back its youthful texture, glow and rosy color.

The Vampire Facelift is an innovative treatment that uses the ingredients of your blood to rejuvenate tired, aging skin, along with any fine lines and wrinkles. The unique ingredients of your blood are your platelets, and they're converted to platelet rich plasma by the Vampire Facelift technique.

For the Vampire Facelift treatment, the practitioner takes 10 to 20 ml of blood, the same amount as a standard blood test, and this is then spun to separate blood platelets from the rest of the blood. Once these platelets have been drawn from the blood sample, they get injected carefully into the face and this stimulates new collagen formation, and will result in rejuvenating your skin.

PRP is unique as there is:

  • No risk of allergy or rejection as it's your own blood.
  • No animal materials involved.
  • Minimal discomfort.
  • Quick procedure, from start to finish of treatment is around one hour.

A topical anaesthetic gets applied before the treatment, making the injections relatively painless. The practitioner uses very fine needles to inject small amounts of PRP into your skin, and usually, 3 treatments, spread 4 weeks apart are enough. The results can last up to 18 months and it's recommended that a touch up treatment gets repeated around this time. The beauty of this treatment is that you are using your own blood, so it's completely non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

It's also an ideal for enhancing the skin texture of the:

  • Eye area
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Acne scarring

PRP is a stand-alone or add-on treatment to the many other cosmetic treatments. It gives good results for treatment of crepiness and wrinkling of the upper and lower eyelids. Vampire Facelift treatments provides minor improvements in wrinkle reduction, improves the skin texture and appearance, and dramatically reduces open pores in the skin.

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Plastic Surgery for Aging – It Is Worth It?

People opt to go through plastic surgery due to a number of reasons, and during their visit to a plastic surgeon, they will be asked why they want to go under the knife. There are 2 reasons for doing this.

As a start, patients should determine if the procedure they want to be done is attainable. For instance, some individuals may want their nose or breasts to be altered so these can look like that of their favorite celebrity. However, this may not always be possible because of the unique body shapes of different people.

The second reason, which most people are not aware of, is to know if the patients are

ideal for the surgery of their choice, and if they would benefit from going through the procedure.

Delaying the Aging Process

There are several ways by which a person can delay the signs of aging, however, time will eventually catch up with everyone. As people grow older, their skin has a tendency to become loose, and later on, develop fine lines and even wrinkles.

Today, medical and cosmetic technique advancement makes it possible for people to maintain their appearance longer than what was possible in the past.

Luckily, cosmetic surgery can effectively reverse the signs of aging. A good face lift, for instance, can make individuals with a sagging face look 10 years younger. For those who have wrinkles, dermal fillers like collagen / hyaluronic acid injections can be applied to make a face look more youthful – though this is only temporary.

Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that one primary motivation behind the decision to go for plastic surgery is to delay the aging process – since plastic surgery is a very effective way to do it.

However, if a person chooses to go through plastic surgery in the hope of looking like a teenager, then he / she will be very disappointed, since this is an impossible thing for surgery to do.

The goal of plastic surgery is to improve a person's physical appearance and make them look years younger than their age. If this is acceptable to a potential patient, he / she will most likely be pleased with the outcome of the surgical procedure.

However, when people are in denial of their age, they will never feel better no matter what surgery they go through.

While a good face lift is capable of making a patient look 10 years younger, many procedures do not come up with drastic results.

Typically, plastic surgery costs lower when done at an earlier age. This is since the procedure involves less work.

As an example, when a woman gets a face lift when she is in her mid 30s, this will only require minimal face lift, which costs a lot cheaper than a woman in her 60s, who will need a full face lift.

Therefore, those who want to maintain their youthful appearance with the help of plastic surgery should get more treatments as they age, instead of going through a major procedure when they get older.

This will let them save money, as well as allow them to achieve more favorable results all through their own life.

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5 Best Reasons to Undergo Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Some people opt to go through plastic surgery for cosmetic and reconstructive reasons.

Both can have different purposes, depending on the patient concerned and the area to be treated. It is critical for those who aim to look like Beauty rather than the Beast to carefully weigh the options (like the plastic surgeon to choose) and be aware of the risks involved. Above all, they should remain true to themselves, and respect who they are. The following are the top reasons for choosing cosmetic surgery. It is important to keep in mind that the motivations behind reconstructive plastic surgery can be different from those in the list.

To boost self-esteem and enhance self-confidence

People can easily judge others around them, but changing physical appearance can come in the form of using false eyelashes, makeup, fake nails and piercings. When this is capable of boosting self-esteem and enhancing self-confidence, then this is worth taking.

To delay the signs of aging

A lot of people feel that their physical appearance does not reflect what they feel inside. Going through plastic surgery can make them look younger than their age. Though such procedures will not stop the process of aging, it can certainly boost their confidence, and sort of unite their inner vitality and outer appearance.

To make a loved one happy

It is unfortunate that this motivates many people to go under the knife, but this is for a wrong reason. Plastic surgery can not resolve what is probably a more serious problem, and if the reason for choosing it is to satisfy someone else, it is not a good one.


There are people who would feel more comfortable with their bodies if they altered one part of their body or another. Plastic surgery to improve themselves is a good reason to choose it, especially if they can function in a way that they always wanted to.

To be like their favorite celebrities

Another factor that encourages people to undergo cosmetic surgery is to look more like their favorite Hollywood star but, this reason is not good enough. It is okay for Hollywood celebrities since they may need plastic surgery – as their job calls for it – and as an important career move. However, for those who like to look like their idols, they are motivated by the wrong reasons.

Plastic surgery is a means by which alterations can boost the happiness of the persons concerned and treat the areas of choice. For those who are opting for plastic surgery, whether it is an eyelid surgery, facelift, rhinoplasty or another, after making their final decision, they should look for a reputable plastic surgeon and go ahead with the procedure. Each patient will undergo a screening process accompanied by their surgeon to make sure that they are mature, mentally stable and responsible enough to go through cosmetic surgery. Thereafter, the cosmetic center will help them each step of the way towards their new appearance.

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Reasons Why People Decide on Having Plastic Surgery

In the past few years, plastic surgery has become very popular, with lots of women and men going to go through some procedures. It would be interesting to know more about some of the most popular types, and the reasons for choosing to have these done.

Plastic surgery is a widely used term, which encompasses several, different surgical procedures. These surgeries are not only done for aesthetics, but also for personal and medical reasons as well.

Botox, facelift, liposuction, breast enlargement and breast reduction are among the most common procedures performed on women.

Hair transplant, calf / buttock implants and nasal surgery are among the most common procedures performed on men.

These procedures are done because of many, different reasons, some of which are the following:


A lot of people have a low self-esteem because of their far from perfect body. If they will have a more shapely body, it will make them feel more confident and outgoing. Going through plastic surgery will let them feel comfortable with their body, and boost their self confidence. However, it is important to keep in mind that this procedure is not a sure way to boost self esteem / confidence. Therefore, anyone who is considering to go through such a procedure for the above mentioned reasons should talk about this with a healthcare specialist, including the possible causes of having low self esteem.


A number of individuals can suffer health risks and conditions because of some of their physical features. Plastic surgery can correct these to provide them with a healthier, happier lifestyle. Weight loss for obese patients and breast reduction for women with large breasts are a few examples. Large breasts can put needless strain on the shoulders and back.

Another reason to undergo cosmetic surgery is to enhance the physical appearance. Face lift and breast enlargement are the best examples for this. Such changes help alter features that they are not too happy with and before, make them feel comfortable with themselves.


One of the major reasons for deciding on plastic surgery is reconstruction. This type of procedure aims to return some physical features to their former state. This is usually performed on patients that have been through an accident or another procedure like for instance, going through a breast reconstruction after breast mastectomy. Reconstructive surgery is not necessarily used for physical appearance. It can also be done on joints, among other areas to correct healthcare conditions.


Last but not the least, some people decide on going through plastic surgery to enhance their physical features. Weight loss is among the most common. Those who have lost too much weight tend to have excess skin so they do not like to show their bodies in public. Plastic surgery is capable of removing this excess skin to give them a more toned body that makes them feel comfortable.

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Mistakes Often Made When Deciding on Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery

Patients who plan to undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery would certainly like to get the best possible results so they should read this article. The five top mistakes that patients often make when deciding on going through surgery and ways to avoid them are as follows:

Not practicing due diligence

Patients should thoroughly check the background of their surgeon surgeon, if he / she has the proper credentials, but they should not have limited resources. They should not decide on a surgeon just because of reviews on social media, a number of photos or worst of all, because of price. They should make sure to research about their surgery, what it involves, and the options / alternatives available – since there are surgeons who do not talk about certain procedures unless they perform them. They can also refer to testimonials, as well as before and after images.

Going Abroad

Some people who are interested in having plastic / cosmetic surgery go to the extent of traveling all the way to another country to avail of a bargain. Although some results are positive, there are cases when surgery gave an unfavorable outcome because of factors like language barriers, few or no consultations, limited support, untrained or unaccredited surgeons who do not meet the standards, and no accountability of the surgeon. It is risky to go under the knife abroad, and may cause patients to pay more to have the surgery revised with unsure results.

High / Unrealistic Expectations

The common mistake that most plastic / cosmetic surgery patients make is expecting an unrealistic exit. The results of plastic / cosmetic surgery are different among patients, so they should not compare their procedure with what their friends have gone through, or stories heard about other people. Most patients think that the scars that are left behind depend on the surgeon's skill, but these also could depend on factors like genetics, as well as lifestyle and overall health.

Not thinking about the risks

There are possible risks and complications involved with going through all types of surgeries and so, patients should understand these. They should ask their potential plastic / cosmetic surgeon all the questions they have in mind, and expect the doctor to explain the possible risks to them in detail. While all types of surgeries come with risks, these can be minimized by ensuring that the surgeon is qualified, trained and certified by the board. Revision surgery to address a poorly done surgical job involves additional risks, therefore, it is best to do the first procedure right.

Not taking full advantage of consultation.

Once a patient decides on the surgeon who will perform the procedure, he / she should prepare a list of questions to fully prepare them for the actual consultation. A lot of patients fail to ask critical questions. As a start, they should make sure to ask if this type of procedure is best for them, the side affects of the operation if any, and how many times the doctor has done it. These are only some of the important questions, but there's more. In addition, it is cruel to dislose all information, including their diet, the supplements that they take and their unhealthy habits if any like smoking. Although they may think all these are not important, these mistakes could actually affect the surgical procedure results, as well as the patient's recovery.

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Mistakes People Usually Make When Deciding on a Cosmetic Surgeon

It is crucial for patients to choose the cosmetic / plastic surgeon who is right for them so that they will stay safe and achieve the favorable results they desire. There are some factors to think about in choosing a cosmetic / plastic surgeon, whether it is for a facelift, breast augmentation or any cosmetic procedure. These are the following:

It Is Critical To Know The Credentials Of The Cosmetic / Plastic Surgeon.

When choosing a cosmetic / plastic surgeon, patients can make the big mistake of not practicing due diligence and verifying the credentials of their surgeon surgeon. They should ask themselves the following questions:

  • Do these doctors have the proper certificates and licenses?
  • Do they have accreditation from the proper associations?
  • Do they have sufficient training in the field of cosmetic / plastic surgery?

These have to be taken into consideration in order to achieve a positive outcome.

Do Not Undergo Plastic Surgery With Unrealistic Goals Or High Expectations

In the field of plastic surgery, high and unrealistic expectations can pose as a problem. It is important to have realistic goals and not too high expectations of what plastic / surgery can do. People can request for before and after photos of patients who have gone through the same procedure they desire.

Practice Due Diligence And Look Into The Background And Reviews Of Potential Cosmetic / Plastic Surgeons

When planning to undergo plastic surgery, or looking for the right cosmetic surgeon, a person has to do a background check of the potential doctor. It is important to know if the specialist has any complaints from patients or lawsuits in connection with the procedures performed. A plastic surgeon that has many disappointed patients or complaints may not meet a patient's cosmetic surgery needs or desires.

Patients Should Be Honest with Their Plastic Surgeon Or Medical Care Provider.

Patients can make the big and dangerous mistake of lying to their potential plastic surgeon or medical care provider. To know whether they are an ideal candidate for the cosmetic / plastic surgical procedure of their choice, they need to be honest and answer questions truthfully and completely. Anything about their medical history that is not disclosed could affect the safety or results of the cosmetic / plastic surgery.

Patients Should Not Choose A Cosmetic Surgeon Who Is Always In A Hurry At The Time Of Consultation

It is critical for patients to consider the attitude and side manners of their chosen plastic / cosmetic surgeon during the initial consultation. They should be careful of any plastic / reconstructive surgeon who is always in a hurry to get over the consultation. He / she should be able to answer all of their questions and make them feel at ease. This specialist should thoroughly explain the cosmetic surgical procedure, including the risks involved, typical results agreed, the total cost of the procedure and the things to expect following the procedure, during recovery.

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Remove Excess Fat & Transform Your Inner & Outer Thighs Using Vaser Lipo Treatment

Some women can feel uncomfortable about displaying their legs in public, but the legs are often key to a shapely figure. Stubborn fat deposits sitting anywhere on the body can make any weight loss difficult to achieve, even when you are actively exercising. Women tend to store fat on their thighs, making it hard for them to get a toned, smooth silhouette, and although the legs can look reliably slim through, the inner and outer thighs may be out of proportion to the rest of the body.

A lot of us have bumps and bumps on our outer thighs, and this can really knock our confidence when we want to wear smooth, tight-fitting clothes that show off the figure. Excess fat on the inner thighs can also cause painful rubbing and chaffing. The thighs are a notorious area of ​​the body that are prone to storing excess fat and this can make the thighs look out of proportion with the rest of the legs. This can make it tricky when trying to find a pair of trousers that will comfortably fit both the upper, and lower half of the legs.

With vaser lipo treatment, stubborn localized pockets of fat can successfully be removed, improving the overall shape and contours of your thighs. Vaser lipo treatment can help to create a natural silhouette that's suits all the body and gives results that are dimple-free and symmetrical.


  • Once vaser removes the fat, it will not return in that area
  • Vaser lipo is a walk-in, walk-out procedure
  • Minimal downtime and minimal time needed off work
  • A specialized technique designed to minimize any discomfort and bruising
  • The procedure uses local anaesthetic
  • Transforms your legs in a single procedure
  • Good skin retraction is possible

Vaser lipo uses amplified, concentrated waves of ultrasound to send vibrations through the fat targeted area. The practitioner will make tiny incisions into the treatment area, usually in the natural creases of the skin and they are usually unnoticeable afterwards. After an anaesthetic solution gets injected, the thin vaser probe gets inserted into the treatment area, and ultrasound energy targets the fat cells just under the top layer of skin. This liquefies the fat cells, gently breaking them up, before they are suctioned out with a cannula.

With vaser lipo treatment it's possible to shape your legs however you like. The recovery times are short, and the pain during the procedure is minimal as it's performed in a safe, non-invasive way, that leaves everything but the fat cells untouched, and undamaged.

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Popular Types of Cosmetic Surgery and Treatment

Every one of us wants to look beautiful and more beautiful. Particularly with growing age, we get more concerned about our health and looks. Only the other day, I heard a grandma saying Oh how beautiful I looked at my teens and see me now, I am an ugly old woman. So, she is not at all happy with what she looks now. It is not the matter of age today but young and old every man and woman on this planet earth wants to look the best and most appealing. Cosmetic surgery has helped many women and even men look attractive and younger than their age.

Cosmetic surgery has brought worldwide phenomenon, with many people going for various kinds of surgeries to improve their body contours. Suppose, you are not happy with your face, do not worry, as you can now go for a cosmetic surgery. Beside, you can go for an eyelid surgery to enhance your eyes or get rid of sagged eyelids. There is more to add. People not happy with their nose can visit a cosmetic surgeon to work on their nose. In addition to rectifying a damaged nose caused due to an accident, surgeons can also improve your airway and remove your breathing problem. The other kinds of popular cosmetic surgeries are buttock surgery, breast surgery, tummy tuck surgery, arm lift, and more.

Let us know a bit about the popular forms of cosmetic surgery done in different places around the globe.

Breast Surgery: There are basically three kinds of such surgery done. You can go for a breastfeeding enhancement or enlargement if you are not so happy with your small-sized breasts. There is breast reduction surgery for those with heavy, uneven breasts. Large breasts usually cause neck and back pain. Breast lift is ideal for cancer patients to restore their asymmetrical breasts. Men also go for breast surgery to cut the size of their breasts and look smarter and boost their confidence.

Nose Surgery: Also known as rhinoplasty, nose surgery helps to change the shape and appearance of your nose. The surgery helps to improve the look of your nose. Also, it can make your nose more functional or do both.

Arm lift: Also called Brachioplasty in medical science, a cosmetic surgeon removes the excess of fat and skin from the upper part of your upper arm to give it a toned look.

Eyelid Surgery: The surgeon will remove excess skin, fat and muscles from the upper and lower eyelids to get rid of the droopy look.

Tummy Tuck-in: Your doctor will remove the extra fat and skin from your abdomen to give it a tighter look.

Visit a good surgeon

You must always make sure to visit a good cosmetic surgeon who will understand your specific problem and why you want to go for a surgery. He or she will go through your medical history and check your current health condition by conducting some medical tests. Then only if you are fit you can go for the surgical procedure.

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5 Steps To Accelerate Your Recovery From Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries can do wonders for people who are not happy with their current looks and overall appearance. Cosmetic surgeries are safe, reliable and one of the best options to look beautiful for a long time.

Cosmetic surgeries have varying recovery time periods. However, many patients wish to speed up the recovery time, so they can return to their usual lifestyle ASAP.

Here are 5 tips that can help patients to accelerate their recovery period.

1. There's No Need To Push Through The Pain

If you're encountering pain after the surgery, it is imperative to take the medicines given by your surgeon. Numerous patients will try unnecessarily to be “strong” and go through the pain, but it is imperative to control pain by taking the precautions and not giving it a chance to affect you severely.

Remember, blood pressure might rise due to extreme pain, and at times this could result in more bruising, which postpones recovery time. Furthermore, it is crucial to stay away from over-the-counter medicines. Consult your surgeon immediately if you feel extreme pain after the surgery.

2. Move On

Ensure that you get lots of rest in the first two or three days post-surgery. However, it does not mean that you have to just constantly lie on the bed and do nothing. In case, you do not feel like going out for a walk outdoors, you can still move around in your house or garden area to take some fresh air instead of doing nothing. Proper movement helps the body to recover at a good speed, and may also reduce the pain. It additionally reduces some common symptoms of prescribed painkiller medicines.

3. Avoid Workout

Many people are quite health conscious and want to return to their usual exercise routines quite quickly. However, you need to stay away from any form of exercise until the recovery period is completed. Even after getting full recovery it is imperative to do low intensity workout that does not jeopardize the results of your surgery. If you've undergone a major cosmetic procedure like a breastfeeding surgery, then for the initial 4 weeks, it is essential to avoid being excessively active.

4. Wear Your Compression Garments

You may need to wear compression garment after some surgeries such as breast reduction surgery or breast enlargement surgery. By compressing the tissues, swelling and bruising is controlled by compression garments. This enables the patient's body to reabsorb collected edema liquid. It also assists in contouring by stopping skin wrinkling and improving skin retraction. The appearance of the scars has often been significantly reduced due to pressure. Compression garments can make the scar flatter and less visible.

5. Say No To Alcohol & Smoking

All the cosmetic surgeons will ask you to stop consumption of alcohol and tobacco a few weeks before and after the surgery. Alcohol and smoking may have adverse effects on the outcomes of many cosmetic procedures like, Botox treatment . So, you need to stay away from these bad habits for some weeks before and after the cosmetic surgery.

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Difference Between the Liposuction and Liposelection Process

That is unfortunate given the many benefits of LipoSelection. Since one of the questions we often get is “what is the difference between liposuction and LipoSelection?” we thought we would take this opportunity to explain.

Liposuction and LipoSelection: What's the difference?

First, there really is not a specific difference between liposuction and LipoSelection, per se. Simply put, LipoSelection is a type of liposuction. Liposuction refers to any procedure in which an instrument is placed under the skin to remove fat cells under vacuum. This is easy to understand because the key information is right in the name: lipo- referers to fat and -uction is, well, self-evident. Liposuction can be performed in several different ways, with or without fluid infusion (tumescent technique), for example. Over the years, plastic surgeons have figured out which approaches offer the best results for individual patients. The culmination of years of research and refinement in the field of liposuction is a technique and device known as LipoSelection.

As the name suggests, LipoSelection is a form of liposuction that allows plastic surgeons to intentionally select and remove unwanted fat. Instead of solely relying on the power of the vacuum to essentially rip out clumps of fat cells, the LipoSelection apparatus contains a miniaturized (yet powerful) ultrasound device. Ultrasonic energy is used to break apart fat cells and liquefy the fat so that it can be more easily removed under vacuum. This is the main difference between LipoSelection and traditional liposuction.

How does LipoSelection work?

In many ways, LipoSelection works like traditional tumescent liposuction. The plastic surgeon infuses the treatment area with saline to help lift and separate the various tissue planes. That simply means there is additional space for the ultrasound and liposuction probes to move and operate. The infused saline also helps protect surrounding tissue (eg muscles, fascia) from being damaged during the next step: ultrasound disruption. The small probe delivers ultrasonic vibration to break open fat cells causing them to leak their contents. The liquefied fat and cellular debris is then removed from the body. This important liquefying step helps to ensure that the treated area is not left with clumps of fat, which could leave visible bumps, ridges, or depressions in the skin.

Are LipoSelection and VASER different?

In a word: no. VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. This worked acronym essentially describes the technology that LipoSelection uses. In VASER, ultrasound energy disruptions fat prior to removal under suction. In essence, LipoSelection is a form of VASER liposuction.

What matters are the results of Liposelection

When patient's ask “what is the difference between liposuction and LipoSelection?” they really want to know if Liposelection is better than traditional liposuction (it really is!). LipoSelection is an excellent technique for removing large volumes of unwanted fat, say from the abdomen or the thighs (though it can be used in most body regions). However, the most important advantage is that LipoSelection can provide a better overall shape and smoother skin than traditional liposuction.

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How to Choose a Cosmetic Surgeon

If you have decided to undergo cosmetic surgery, you should not overlook the importance of choosing a cosmetic surgeon for this purpose. It is essential to remember that not every surgeon is skilled and competent and you do not want to risk your face or body. Obviously, you want to go to one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the United States as they are properly trained and have the necessary skill set.

Listed below are some tips that can help you in identifying the right surgeon for your needs:

As for a referral

Word-of-mouth is a very reliable way of finding a good cosmetic doctor. You can talk to your friends and family who have undergone cosmetic surgery and ask them for recommendations. In addition, you can also consult your regular doctor and ask them to provide you with a list of best cosmetic surgeons in the United States.

Check for certification

When you have a few names in hand, it is time for you to check if the cosmetic doctors are looking at have graduated from an accredited medical school and request them to provide board certification information. You should also check if they specialize in the kind of surgery you need because you do not want to go to an amateur. The American Board of Plastic Surgeons (ABPS) is one such American professional organization that certifies doctors for performing cosmetic surgery in the country. The best cosmetic surgeons in the United States have been certified by them.

Ask about experience

Once you have confirmed that the doctor you are considering is board certified, you can talk to them about their experience in the specialty you need. Find out how many times they have performed the procedure you are interested in and when was the most recent. Do not opt ​​for cosmetic surgeons who do a procedure every now and then and not on a regular basis. It is best to select the most experienced surgeon and avoid newly graduated ones.

Look at their record

The internet is an excellent resource you can use to your advantage when looking for a cosmetic doctor. You can check the record of the surgeons you are considering. The information that you can find include the status of your doctor's license and any complaints that have been lodged against them. It is a good idea to opt for cosmetic surgeons who have a clean record and do not have any history of malpractice or serious discipline.

Get reviews from other clients

One of the most important ways of finding out the best cosmetic surgeons in the United States is by talking to their previous clients. Again, the internet can help you here because there are websites and forums where you can find reviews about the surgeons you are considering. You can look exactly what previous patients are saying about those doctors and the kind of experience they have had.

These tips can help you in culling out the best cosmetic doctor for your needs.

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A Vaser Lipo Procedure Can Help Remove Unwanted Fat From Your Double Chin

Having a double chin does not necessarily have to mean you're overweight. Genetics, water retention or bad eating habits mean that slim women, are just as unacceptable to getting a double chin as anyone else. Double chins and sagging jowls can affect anyone, and can prove difficult to get rid of regardless of your body type, shape and size.

It's very hard to hide fat under the chin and around the neck without you keep your head held high all the time, trying to make your profile more flattering. And concealing it with clothing is only possible if you want to spend the rest of your life with a scarf wrapped around your neck.

A double chin can also slowly appear because of lack of exercise. When you put on weight, the fat can settle under your chin, changing the contour of your face and altering your appearance. Unfortunately it's not possible to spot reduce just your chin, so you will need a full-body weight-loss approach, and focus on reducing all of your body fat to lose your double chin. However, there are no assurances that if you put on weight you'll get a double chin or that if you lose weight, your double chin will go.

When there's a stored layer of fat directly underneath the chin, it can really affect the self-confidence for a lot of adults. Although it's a condition that's unintentionally to affect young people, unless they are overweight, they might be sooner to suffer from a double chin if their family has a hereditary predisposition to them, or they might naturally retain too much water in the chin area, or their body just might normally store excess fat.

Vaser liposuction is specifically tailor to work well, even on small areas of fat, and is often considered a good choice for delicate areas such as the chin because it's able to target specific fat, without damaging the surrounding nerves.

The vaser lipo procedure starts with a saline solution injected into the chin, which will numb the area making it a painless process. Following the injection, small incisions are then made in the chin, and a small ultrasonic probe gets inserted, and this probe gives off high frequency energy to loosen the fat cells and smooth them, and the fat can then be removed from the chin using a gentle suction technique.

As the chin is such a small area, the procedure should only take about 30 minutes. Recovery time is also short, although you will need to wear a compression garment on your chin for a short period.

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