If you are thinking of a way to enhance your backside then there are certain ways for you to do it. However, with all the different kinds of butt augmenting procedures, the Brazilian Butt Lift is considered as one of the most popular and highly regarded by many women and surgeons as an effective procedure to get that body profile many women love.

You are quite lucky to be living in the present world as more and more innovations in the field of medicine are already introduced everywhere. During this time period, beautiful buttocks enhancement is no longer an exception. It can be easily achieved through a cosmetic procedure that involves your very own fat to come up with a fuller, curvier, and more alluring buttocks.

Plastic Surgery of Buttocks

This particular kind of buttocks surgery which is also known as the Brazilian Butt Lift is otherwise known through its proper name, gluteal augmentation. This is a procedure that aims to improve the look of a woman's buttocks. The buttocks are generally composed of muscles but adding fat is the factor that gives shape and a more defined look to your buttocks.

If you are genetically thin and you want your buttocks to look fuller, curvier and well-defined than you should undergo this procedure. With this procedure, transforming your buttocks is achievable. There are procedures that can never be handled by other types of butt augmenting procedures especially when they involve genetics. With a butt augmenting or lifting procedure, liposuction is used to eliminate fat from other parts of your body and then grafting or injecting it into your buttocks. The end result is a more defined and augmented buttocks.

The Procedure

If you want to undergo plastic surgery of the buttocks then you have to know first that this procedure actually involves two operations which are performed at once. The very first step to be done by the surgeon is to collect fat from certain areas of your body. Gathering or harvesting fat involves liposuction and this is the first operation your body has to undergo.

The second type of operation which you will have to undergo after the liposuction is the injection process of the collected and purified fat to your back or gluteal region. With this procedure, you will have the opportunity to maximize your body's curvature and create a lifting illusion at the same time.

Recovery Period

The entire buttock lift procedure may take around two hours for the surgeon to complete. A patient who undergoes this procedure will have to wear compression garments afterwards for a few weeks time. The advantage of having a buttocks shaping procedure is that you can immediately go home right after the procedure has been done. For the first two weeks, patients are advised to limit their sitting hours. However, after two weeks the patient can go back to their normal life without restrictions.