Are you going to have liposuction rather soon? You probably know that it's a major surgery that will result in a lot of work done on your body. You'll be required to prepare for the surgery by making some minor life changes. The recovery time is intensive, too, and you'll be asked to make some changes in order to heal properly. How can you ensure that the entire process goes successful? Learn about some helpful techniques you can use to reduce complications and enhance healing:

Preparing for Surgery

You'll need to make some changes in your lifestyle shortly before the operation. For example, two weeks before the operation, you'll have to stop taking aspirin and ibuprofen. You'll need to also refrain from all nicotine products. Nicotine hinders normal blood circulation and can affect the result of the liposuction and can cause complications when receiving anesthesia. One week before the surgery, you should stop drinking alcohol. Keep in mind that you'll need to refrain from smoking and drinking for a period after the surgery as well. Avoiding toxins will help your body heal faster. Remember not to drink or eat anything the day before the surgery. You'll have to fast in order to be properly sedated for the surgery. On the day of the surgery, be sure not to wear makeup or nail polish. Wear some loose fitting clothing and forego all kinds of jewelry when you get the liposuction done.

Post-Operative Instructions

Make sure an adult companies are on the day of the liposuction. They'll need to drive you have after the surgery. They'll also need to stay with you over night after the operation in case there are major complications. You will not be able to drive for upwards for a week, as you'll be on pain medication. Do not participate in any major activities that would cause you pain. You should, however, walk around the house shortly after the surgery, as you can to encourage circulation and eliminate any threats of blood clots. Another good way to encourage blood flow is to move your legs frequently while you're bound to a bed. When you do resume your activities, take it slow. If you feel winded, take a break. You should be able to function normally after a week. Do not forget to take all your medications as instructed. If you do see a lot of brewing and swelling, it's normal. You will not see any obvious final results until three to six months. In the meantime, make sure you cover up your incisions when outside. Many doctors recommend not exposing liposuction incisions for up to one year.

You'll also have to wear a compression garment for up to three weeks after the surgery. For the first five days, it will be on your body at all times. After five days, you can take it off to shower, but it has to be put back on your body when you're done. Always make sure you replace your gauze pads daily and keep them dry.