Rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a nose job, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves the improvement and alteration of the nasal feature. It is mainly based on aesthetics and there are several alterations and improvements that can be done. Despite its success as a cosmetic procedure, there are also some reconstruction procedures that involve the nasal region and can also be called a nose job.

The Procedure
The operation can be performed using two techniques, namely, the open and closed methods. In the open method, the skin between the two nostrils is incised and access to the nasal region is more extensive. The closed method does not involve incising this area and the amount can be limited. The use of either technique is dependent on what changes and improvements the patient desires to be done. Rhinoplasty can also utilize silicone molds and other types of molds to shape the nasal area to suit the preferences of the patient. It is a basic procedure that is fairly simple and risk free but the recovery period can be quite trying because of the stuffing that is placed in the nostrils to staunch bleeding. This can limit the breathing of the patient as well as may bring a bit of pain and discomfort. Touching the nose and the areas around it may bring a round of discomfort. The pain and discomfort can last for several weeks, depending on the extent of the operation. The recovery period can last up to several months and the doctor usually prescribes several medications to prevent the development of an infection, to manage the swelling as well as control the pain and discomfort that usually occurs after the surgery. Antibiotics are important in preventing infections and other complications from developing so it is in the patient's better interest to follow the recommendations and prescriptions of the doctors relating to these.

The benefits of the rhinoplasty are usually based on the improvements and changes that the nose has undergone. Many people who have a critical eye for their noses may be guided with the improvements that come after the surgery. Some believe that they have large noses, flat noses, or that they may be too high or too rounded. Any disparity that a person can see in his or her nose can be improved by rhinoplasty and this benefits the person immensely in the sense that he or she is satisfied and happy with the results. Another benefit of the nose job is the cessation of teasing and bullying of the individual is the incongruity in the nasal region is so obvious that others are sitting up and taking too much notice. Some people have the nose job done because they actually need it. Some noses have obstructions, which can cause difficulty in breathing, some form of apnea, or snoring. Getting the surgery done is beneficial in the sense that it allows the individual to breathe normally. Rhinoplasty is also done in reconstruction for those who may only have a partial or incomplete nose.