It is important to have inward confidence as this shines through to the outside, allowing you to have healthy relationships with others. Having good looks is not all that it takes to be confident, since you need to have a positive outlook on life and believe in yourself. However, there is no harm in boosting your confidence by enhancing your looks. If you have been wondering whether it is possible to have a nose job safely, then it's time to get some facts right about the procedure, also known as rhinoplasty.

About The Procedure

Rhinoplasty, which is also referred to as a nose job or nose reshaping, is a procedure conducted to enhance the shape of your nose. It is also used to make the proportion of your nose better, and is in some cases used to improve breathing.

What The Procedure Can Do

A rhinoplasty can help to adjust the size of your nose, or the size and position of your nostril in order to bring balance to your face. Any depressions or bumps on the bridge of the nose can be smoothed out, and the width at the bridge of the nose can be changed. The tip of your nose can also be worked on through a nose job, where an enlarged nose tip can be reduced. Adjustments can also be made to the tip of the nose if it is drooped, or if it looks hooked or turned up. Nostrils that are too large or wide can also be adjusted to give them a more balanced look.

Being A Candidate

You are a good candidate for a nose job if your face has completed its growth process and you are physically healthy. Your expectations also need to be realistic, which means that you are looking for improvement in how your nose looks and not perfection.

Closed And Open Techniques

Before the surgery, the surgeon will administrator general anesthesia to ensure you are comfortable and that the procedure is as safe as possible. The surgery is usually done using either the open or closed procedure. For the closed procedure, all the cuts that are made are hidden within the nose, while the open procedure involves making cuts on the piece of narrow tissue dividing the nostrils. This narrow tissue is known as the columella. The closed procedure is not preferred by most surgeons since it can not be used appropriately to address most nose problems.

Nose Reshaping

If your nose is too large, your surgeon will reduce its size by getting rid of some bone or cartilage. Some cartilage grafts may be required to reshape the nose, and this cartilage can be harvested from the septum. The septum is the part found in the middle of the nose that divides the left side from the right side. If this septum is not straight, it can be straightened to allow you to breathe properly.


After the surgery, the doctor may use splints to support the nose until it is fully recovered. You may experience swilling, which should go down after two to three weeks. However, the shape of your nose may take one to two years to fully settle.