Most people are aware that facial injections can be a cost effective, non-permanent method of maintaining or achieving a more youthful look. Administering certain substances into the skin, which can be done in about as much time as it takes to get lunch, can less the appearance of wrinkles or plump areas of the face. However, many may be surprised that these fillers are also used to treat conditions affecting other muscles in the body. Even for those who have no desire to alter their appearance, dermal fillers can still bring relief for other common ailments.

(1) Migraine Headaches

These types of headaches are not only insufferable, but also detrimental to productivity and a normal lifestyle. For those who suffer from nausea and pain caused by chronic migraines, the FDA has recently approved the use of certain facial injections as treatment. The procedure is done over the course of several weeks and involvements injections around the face and neck. Results typically last around three months, but vary from person to person depending on the severity of their symptoms. This treatment could be a lifesaver for patients who do not respond well to migraine medications or natural remedies. Furthermore, it provides a longer-lasting fix, unlike other drugs that only decrease the discomfort temporarily.

(2) TMJ and Teeth Grinding

Other unexpected ailments that may be cured by using fillers are conditions of the temporomandibular jaw joint, which include TMJ, teeth grinding, and even extreme lockjaw. The minor pain associated with tension headaches due to such joint problems may also be alleviated since the filler agents act as a means of relaxing the muscles to prevent pain and stiffness. Sometimes, these problems are circumstantial and temporary, so such a procedure may be a more favorable treatment method, as opposed to surgery or long-term drug use. It's also far less invasive than surgery and provides relatively quick comfort. TMJ treatments using fillers are still being explored, but the trials show a strong possibility of this being a realistic option in the near future.

3 Arthritis and Joint Pain

Studies are still being conducted on the effectiveness of facial injections and joint pain, but researchers think that this may soon be another viable option for people suffering from arthritis or knee pain. Again, such fillers, when used in combination with physical therapy, can provide relief to the muscles around the knee, as well as to other joints that cause pain. Not only would this provide another treatment choice for arthritis sufferers, but also to even younger athletes, particularly runners, who deal with soreness and injuries. This application is still in trial, but we could soon see it emerge as an alternative to ineffective medications.

The ways in which facial injections are being adapted to help treat other health issues may provide us with better, longer-lasting alternatives. Dermal fillers do not have to be solely for aesthetic or cosmetic purposes; a large range of people can look forward to innovative treatments for health problems in the future.