If you think that being old gives you the license to look shabby, then you are mistaken! Old age, I believe, should not take a toll on how we look and how we care for ourselves. Gone are days when grandmothers donned that thick school spectacles and a well fitted Victorian dress that made them look even older. Today grandmothers are as smart and savvy as any 25-year-old.

Bottom line is that no matter if you are getting old, you still have the right to look young and sensuous! So how can you do it? The answer is simple – By getting a breast lift surgery.

Before going for a breast lift surgery, you need to know whether it is right for you. For this you need to analyze the top three reasons about why get a breast lift surgery or boob lift operation is a must.

Women's breasts tend to change shape, form and size according to conditions as age, injury, pregnancy, gravity, weight changes and also for heredity reasons. Amongst these the three most common reasons that make breasts droop or sag are:

· Pregnancy & Breast Feeding

· Heredity

· Old Age

Post Pregnancy: Pregnancy triggers mammary gland hormone production, as a result of which breasts might get enlarged and sag. Pregnancy period is for over eight months and post that there is usually six months of breastfeeding-feeding. During both these phases there is loosing of tissues and skin around the breast which causes the breasts to sag. Above 27% of women opting for breast lift surgery are mothers who want to regain breast firmness post pregnancy.

Heredity: Sometimes big drooping breasts can also stem from family genes. Heredity is a great reason that influences the body type of individual and many a times this decides on the breast shape of a woman. In America reportedly 19% female who have undergone breast surgery, reasoned that the surgery was a must to correct their hereditary flaw.

Old Age: This is one of the most obvious reasons for developing a sagging breast as with age the skin tissues lose their elasticity and tend to slip down. Such situations are easily corrected by breast lift surgery. Anyone looking to revive their youthfulness in old age can visit a surgeon, expert in performing such surgery.

So find out what is the reason behind your sagging breast and do not despair. A breast lift surgery can help you to discuss the problem.