A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a life-changing surgery that has a number of benefits. If someone has excessive and unflattering amounts of skin and fat in their abdominal region, this procedure can correct these problems. While many have heard of this surgery, not everyone is really familiar with what it is and the different ways it can be done. Knowing the facts beforehand can help patients determine if this is the right surgery for them.

What to Know Before

When considering this procedure, speak with a doctor to see if this would be the right way to go about correcting the previously mentioned issues. A good candidate has the following tracks:

– Good health
– Excess weight in the stomach region
– Loose and wrinkly skin in the abdominal region
– Ability to commit to a certain rigorous daily exercise and diet

The last point is what turns off many from going through with the surgery, as well as the reason that some patients are not pleased with the results. A tummy tuck should be paired with a healthy new start. Diet and exercise are still significant requirements for the best results, and this surgery should not be viewed as an alternative to these necessary components. It makes working out simpler to start for those who are in less than ideal shape. If the requirements above are met, a tummy tuck could be the right decision.

How It Works

The way the procedure works is a surgeon will remove excess skin and fat that surrounds the abdomen. This tightens the skin in that area and makes for a flattering surface that will not bulge out as much as it did previously. A complete abdominoplasty involves an incision from hip to hip. Once the incision is made, liposuction is used to remove the fat and clean up the area that will be reduced. This is a more invasive surgery but is recommended for anyone in need of a substantial reduction.

If a less substantial change is thought, patients should go with a partial tummy tuck. A smaller incision will be made in the center of the stomach. The skin is then removed, and a small amount of fat can be liposuctioned out. This form of the surgery is used more for cosmetic reasons as opposed to health-related purposes. Many times, individuals who recently save birth or have lost a lot of weight from exercise and diet are prime candidates for a partial tummy tuck. This is due to these two events often result in excess skin that droops down in the front. Many do not wish to have these events stifled by an unappealing reminder of what once was, and this surgery offers a way to correct that.

This is a procedure that, when properly maintained with exercise and diet, can provide a new-found sense of freedom and self-esteem. It is an opportunity for a fresh and healthy start, and many equate it to a new lease on life. This is something to be very excited about, so if you feel that you are a qualified candidate, consider meeting with your doctor to start your journey to a newer, healthier you.