My earlobes were slightly larger and hung down further than most people's ears do. Other reasons for surgery may include shape or correction from large piercings. For me, choosing to get my earlobes done was based on my own feelings associated with their appearance and the confidence I knew I would gain if I had earlobes that were proportional to the rest of my facial features.

There were many other factors that went into my decision to opt for earlobe correction surgery. As a woman, it was impossible for me to wear my hair up. I never liked the way that I looked in pictures when my face was located straight toward the camera. I often found myself trying to hide my ears with my hair, scarves, or headphones. I was just embarrassed about the way that they looked and I was intentally doing things to avoid anyone seeing my disfigured earlobes.

I finally made up my mind that it was time to stop hiding and start doing something about my earlobes once and for all. When I first considered having my earlobe procedure, I wanted to be as thorough as possible in my research. First, I wanted to know the answer to general questions such as pain expectancy, cost, recovery time, and what a practical expectation was for results. While I was able to look up information on the internet thatave me a broad idea of ​​what to expect, I decided my first plan of action was to consult a cosmetic surgeon about my questions and concerns.

For those that may be considering getting their earlobes done, you should come prepared with questions to ask your surgeon about what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. You should discuss what your expectation is as well as reasonably results. You should have a clear understanding of what will occur during the procedure as well as what to expect as far as swelling, pain, and healing during the recovery process. This will put your mind to ease about any concerns you have about the operation and will make you feel much more confident about the results.

Whatever your reasons are for considering getting your earlobes done, remember to do the procedure for yourself. Getting my earlobs done was a great decision because I finally feel confident enough to wear my hair up and not care that people can actually see my ears. I am very happy with my results and even happier that I fully reviewed this option in order to be well informed about my decision.