Why do some women have excess body hair?

The male hormones influence the amount of hair in the body especially in the “masculine” areas: face, upper back, chest etc. Male hormones exist in large quantities in men and in small amounts in women. There are many women who suffer from excess body hair (hirsutism), mainly due to the following reasons:

1. There are too many male hormones in the blood.

2. The skin is too sensitive to normal male hormone levels.

The doctor may decide to prescribe a hormonal balance treatment to women who suffer from hirsutism, especially if there are other signs in favor of hormonal abnormality (menstrual disorders, hair loss, hoarse voice etc.). There are quite a few factors which the doctor will consider before starting this treatment.

What are the different hair removal techniques available these days?

There are several hair removal techniques available nowdays. Among these are:


This is a classic technique which involves plucking the hair with the help of tweezers. It can be a very painful procedure and the person is exposed to the risk of bacterial infection. The procedure can also result in inflammatory contamination of the skin.


Usually performed by a beautician in the salon or by the person himself, the technique of waxing is also associated with the risk of skin infections when the wax used in the procedure is contaminated by bacteria (creating folliculitis or abscesses) or viruses (molluscum contagiosum, herpes etc.)

The above two techniques are temporary and people need to be repeat them on a regular basis.

Long term or permanent hair removal techniques


This technique involves the application of electric current to each follicile of our hair, in order to destroy their roots. In this method, the hair is removed permanently but the results may vary from one person to the other. There are quite a few risks involved in this method of treatment. The biggest risk is that, the skin can be severely damaged by the electric current. This method is very popular across the globe.

Laser hair removal

This is another permanent hair removal technique which involves the usage of laser. It is a very gentle technique which is very popular and is offered in various skin clinics around the world. This technique is less painful than electrolysis and unlike the latter, laser hair removal can treat large areas of the body (chest, back, legs etc.).